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" How about the Israelification of ALL airports ? " by Jan Markell

How About the "Israelification" of All Airports?

By Jan Markell

January 5, 2010

I'm tired of the word "luck." I think it is a shame that even the conservative media thinks that the "briefs' bomber" didn't blow the plane out of the sky on Christmas Day "because we were lucky." While America may be under judgment, God has thus far remained our Homeland Security Director. That is… Continue

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I just got a call from this campaign and it's the first ever phone call from a politician that I wasn't asked for a donation on the spot!

check it out ~~

Health Care Cap and Trade War on Terror Economy Energy Independence Illegal Immigration American Values


Keeping Us Safe

Jan 12, 2010

Today’s local KSFO morning radio program… Continue

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"President Obama must change fundamental approach to combating terrorism" .... by Michelle Bachmann you are having trouble viewing this email, please read the web version.

President Obama Must Change Fundamental Approach to Combating Terrorism

Last week I called on President Obama to immediately change his approach to this ongoing struggle against terrorism, and never again allow terrorists Miranda… Continue

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An open letter to President Obama by Brigitte Gabriel

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June 8, 2009—and Today

Dear Hank & Cathi,

It was on June 8, 2009, that Brigitte Gabriel published an “Open Letter to President Obama” following his “outreach” speech to the Muslim world in Cairo.

Seven months later, America is in greater danger from Islamic terrorism than it was before Obama was elected. The number of foiled terror plots in 2009 was greater than in any year since 9/11. The number of homegrown jihadists… Continue

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TONIGHT LIVE Health Care State of Play Update

Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

As you know from all of your work the last few days and weeks, we are at a critical point in our fight against government takeover of… Continue

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Dear Policy Patriots -

Thanks to you, the Free Our Health Care NOW! campaign has made unprecedented progress in the fight against government-run health care. More than 1,350,000 Americans have joined you in signing the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition; and Policy Patriots like you have sent 368,000 emails to Congress!

You're making a difference in the campaign against government-run health care! Senate Democrats have gutted the bill, losing the 55 Medicare option,… Continue

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December 16, 2009

Laura's E-Blast

December 16, 2009


Sen. Joe Lieberman has officially begun his walk of shame back to his former party on the issue of healthcare. Sen. Ben Nelson seems ready to cave with new abortion language in the bill. And Pres. Obama crowed that they were closer than ever to making "history" (because that's… Continue

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Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity December 22nd

by Guy Rodgers, Executive Director

Dear Hank & Cathi,

ACT! for America President Brigitte Gabriel will be appearing on the Fox News “Hannity” program on Tuesday, December 22nd. The program airs at 9 P.M. and 12 A.M. Eastern Time.

Brigitte will be a guest on “The Great American Panel.”

If you’ve never seen that segment, the panel discusses several… Continue

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Hank & Cathi

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An Urgent Message From Our Sponsor, The League of American Voters

Dear Newsmax Reader:

Dick Morris says we can beat Obamacare!

The close vote this past weekend shows how vulnerable Obama's radical healthcare plan is.

Dick is chief strategist for the League of American Voters. Please read his important column below and continue to help us fight this important battle — Go Here Now!

Bob Adams

Executive… Continue

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Republican Renaissance

Dear Cathi,

Here's Star Parker's weekly column. Hope you can take the time to read it.

Challenges for a Republican renaissance

We cannot lose sight that we won't have a prosperous nation without free markets and limited government as our constitution originally intended

Star Parker, founder and president of CURERepublican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and the New York Yankees can look back on a good week. Maybe Steele deserves extra… Continue

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"Fort Hood jihad shooter handed out Korans the morning of the attack"

another horrible tragedy to our Americans


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“Fort Hood jihad shooter handed out Korans the

morning of his attack”

Will the “Establishment Media” Report the Truth?

Dear Hank & Cathi,

The massacre at Ft. Hood yesterday has stunned and grieved America. Everywhere people are asking questions. How could this… Continue

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Congresswoman Michelle Bachman >>>> support candidate Doug Hoffman




Sent: 10/31/2009 12:16:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Subj: all up to Hoffman now!

Support Michele

Join us in Washington Thursday, November 5th to tell your Congressman in person:


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann released the following statement… Continue

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Peaceful Protest in Rochester went as expected

There were at least 100 people who gathered in Rochester on Monday - some were there at noon and were still there after the meeting. Almost every car that drove by honked in agreement !

It was a closed meeting; of course and no one saw the Govenor leave the bldg. however am sure she saw our signs of protesting her cutting school funding and raising taxes again to cover 'deficits'.

The 'big 3' ( I like that name Sharon : ) were out there and someone said that… Continue

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From the Desk of:

Steve Elliott, President, Alliance


Sen. Jay Rockefeller has a confession to make to the taxpaying

American people, "We cannot promise [you] that the insurance

reforms... will benefit everyone, when the reality is that this

bill leaves out up to 55 percent, or 73 million people" (who are

already covered by work plans).

The AP is also reporting that the group America's… Continue

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CHRISTmas Gifts from Home care packages for our brave troops

Dear Patriotic American,

This Christmas, 180,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines will be far away from their homes and families in dangerous places like Afghanistan and Iraq, where they stand as sentinels of freedom.

You can put the "Merry" in their Christmas with your gift today!

Freedom Alliance will once again be sending Christmas “Gifts from Home” care packages overseas to our deployed servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Will you put a… Continue

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From 60 Plus Association ( alternative to AARP )

read the last line for sure !

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10/14/2009 2:52:00 PM


Alexandria, VA – The Senate Finance Committee’s reporting out of a health care reform bill is certainly a sad day, even a frightening day for seniors, but it's an even sadder day for Senators.

Called the world's greatest deliberative body, their August recess exposed a certain number of so-called lawmakers for… Continue

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Members of the Michigan State Medical Society will be going to Lansing on Tuesday, October 20th

I heard on WWJ today ( on the way home from the Channel 4 news station in Troy ) that the white coat march will be in Lansing on Tuesday, October 20th from 1 - 3 :00.

These are Doctors who are members of the Michigan State Medical Society also showing that not all physicians are in favor of the new 'health' plan - and not all Drs. are members of the AMA ( contrary to the biased media ).

This was such good news to hear - especially since I couldn't find a bit of news about the… Continue

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Seniors are NOT stupid.

An Urgent Message from the League of American Voters

Obama's Radical Plan Moves Forward.

Most Americans Don't Want It.

Dick Morris Has a Plan to Stop Him.

Read More Below.

Dear Fellow American:

Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee voted to back the "Baucus Bill" and send it to the full Senate.

This appears as a defeat for our side, but it isn't by a long shot.

In fact, we… Continue

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