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TEA Party Rant

Here is the text of my 2010 "TEA Party Rant," In Charlotte and Kellog Park. The recent scandals in the State Department, DOJ, and IRS; confirm our suspicions of a corrupt, punitive government. This is all so contrary to what America stands for.

After a disappointing election, and in the midst of a nasty internal struggle within the conservative movement; I hope these recent events serve as a rallying call to everyone concerned about the size and scope of government. My indignation… Continue

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Liberal Questions

I enjoyed the meeting on Tuesday night, it's always nice to hang out with like minded people. As conservatives, we must also be ready to engage those who disagree with our philosophy. A friendly, educated liberal dropped by my personal blog and asked some very good questions about my sequester article. I thought these questions got down to the heart of conservative thought, so I thought I'd share the exchange with you.

See the whole conversation here:… Continue

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Pin The Donkey Tail On The Elephant- The Sequester

Continuing his campaign to lay blame for every economic woe on the Republican Party, the President's press conference on Friday was a stunning piece of partisan theater. The same President who doubled our nation's debt in his first term, is now blaming Republicans for the impact of the sequester that will take effect at midnight. After eighteen months of inaction since a bipartisan committee, appointed by his administration, designed these automatic cuts; to hear the President take no… Continue

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Danger in official endorsements

Our Tea Party is made of people from every walk of life. Young and old, white collar and blue, all united in a specific cause; to bring fiscal responsibility back to our nation. We have Christians and Atheists. We have Republicans and Libertarians. I could go on and on, until I arrive at my liberal friend who likes to attend our meetings. My point is this; If we ever stop concentrating on what unites us, our differences have the potential to bring us down.

My mom posed a question on… Continue

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