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#Election #VoterFraud will be more rampant and blatant, we are already seeing it in #Florida & #Michigan

I have said for some time that #VoterFraud will continue to grow as Democrats get more emboldened and therefore more open and blatant with their Fraud because they know the #…


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#Michigan #Prop2 - Will NOT end GerryMandering of Congressional Districts...

#Michigan Prop2 - "supposed anti-GerryMandering" initiative....

People need to understand/realize (and the ProProp2 folks rely on many Peoples' ignorance of the Law/topic) that, technically speaking, it is virtually REQUIRED BY LAW. What do I mean?!?! There are various Laws regarding the issue of how Districts have to be drawn. 1) basic, to encompass somewhat equal amounts of citizens within the distributed Districts (and they cannot control where people populate land and therefore…


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I'm #CONSERVATIVE (1st/foremost) #Republican (2nd) - stand by any #POTUS when deserving and criticize when I feel necessary!

I am neither a Blind #TrumpCult member NOR one on the other extremists and/that suffering #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome (so, yes, if you are referring to #TDS folks as the #TrumpHaters, ok I’ll agree with you)….

#PrinciplesNotPersonalities…. Just as I have done with EVERY POTUS in my Lifetime… Supported and criticized at various time Reagan, HWBush, GWBush, and now Trump (certainly far less Support (very little actually) and more Criticism for Carter, Clinton, Obama)….

If you…


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#Michigan: #Prop1: Pot legalization - How many are conflicted between YES or NO Vote - cuz its complicated!

My long and complicated stance on Prop-1. They had a great discussion this am on ART on WAAM Talk 1600 Radio and I found grounds of agreement with People on both sides of the issue. The WAAM interaction pretty much also sums up the many conversations I've had with others on this topic also and therefore, IMO, worth recapping/sharing.....

Janice Daniels raised the very correct point/issue of Personal Freedoms, Constitutional authorities, and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I agree with Janice…


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New US/Mexico Trade Deal. Better than NAFTA or just lipstick on a Pig??

Trump announces NEW TRADE DEAL with Mexico…. Before you start jumping up and down and shouting RAH, RAH, RAH… #AmericaFirst…. #WINNING!!! How about we wait and see the damn details and see if it is a real improvement over NAFTA (or just usual Political Theater and rearranging the Chairs on the Deck of the Titantic)?!?!?

#DevilIsInTheDetails…. The “‘American’ content” clause change in the upcoming agreement with US/Mexico DOES NOT mean any more Manufacturing in the USA. ‘Mexican…


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MIGov Race: Whitmer "Tammy" Ad farce

Seen Grethen Whitmer's "Tammy" Ad?!?! She talks about wanting to Help Tammy. She then talks about repealing the Retirement Tax - which would do ZERO to Help Tammy! And like we're supposed to believe a Democrat, any Democrat, will ever Cut any Taxes - they always oppose Tax Cuts!

Bill Schuette, at least, talks about repealing the Granholm Tax Increase - yes, something MIGOP with complete control of Lansing should have done LONG AGO (to be Fair)! I may NOT be a BIG FAN of Schuette, but…


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Will the #WalkAwayFromDemocrats movement make a difference in #MidTerms2018?

Will the #WalkAwayFromDemocrats movement make a difference in #MidTerms2018. It is pretty meaningless in States like CA and NY where Democrats have such large margins to begin with - However, in Purple States, in the Rust Belt State Elections this year - the #WalkAwayMovement may make the difference in a #BlueWave or a #RedWave. A swing of removing 2k Votes out of the Democrat column and adding 2k in the GOP column, is actually a 4,000 Vote swing (they are like two-fer Votes) and can very…


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Draft Patrick Colbeck for #Michigan #LtGov nominee (Yes, it is the Convention that does that, not the Gov nominee)

from: Draft Patrick Colbeck

Remember Folks, it is the CONVENTION DELEGATES that have the authority/Power to nominate and Elect the LtGov Candidate. Delegates usually just rubber-stamp the "preference" of the Gubernatorial Candidate, but do NOT have to.

If you'll recall, or if you do not know look up, the efforts to unseat RINO Rick's LG Calley (to balance the ticket with a REAL CONSERVATIVE) with Wes Nakagiri just a…


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Why Retiring Kennedy spot on SCOTUS must be made ASAP

Justice Kennedy gave ample warning of retirement. Not like a Death (unexpected vacancy) on SCOTUS. There should, at no point, be down to 8 Justices Court. Confirmation MUST come and be completed before next SCOTUS Term begins!!

We cannot allow the Libtards to have a 4-4 split court for ANY PERIOD OF TIME screwing up a bunch of cases that should be decided but that won’t be as the Liberal Activists will nullify the whole process with 4-4 NON-DECISIONS!!! Allowing the 4-4 split we’d…


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Michigan USSenate update... Lena Epstein Campaign...

Putting on my "Campaign Analyst" cap....

Lena Epstein seems a nice person, but not ready for Prime-Time...

So Lena was one of countless Trump CoChair's in Micihgan. I don't care if someone was a CoChair of our Greatest President ever Ronald Reagan back in 1980. I actually expect something more than just that on their Resume' - but it is seems to the lazy and intellectually un-curious her mentioning Trump's name is enough for them. #LazyVoters If someone claims to be a…


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Detailed Interviews with Michigan USSenate Candidate Bob Young Jr

Here are a couple MUST HEAR Interviews with Bob:

Robert (Bob) Young Jr (former #Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice) for #USSenate (45 minute IN-DEPTH) Interviews:

FIRST -  Sat 07/08/2017...

The Crew covers with Bob....

* Affordable Care Act (needed Repeal and Market solutions)

* Black Conservative Values (GOP Platform values)

* Constitution (and Bob's…


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NET-etiquette - Quick reference to some basic etiquette on Net/Email use

except where otherwise noted, WebSite contents © 1999,2000 Joseph M. Lenard

Page creation or last revision: 11/10/99


NET-Etiquette! Or How to be Email friendly with little effort!

NET-Etiquette! So few have it, so let's cover some...

-- Remember - you may NOT be taking (inferring) something in the manner it was intended. If you feel offended, DO NOT…


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Stolen/Rigged Elections, see for yourself....

see the Video (was not available for embed, must go to it)

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Debbie Dingell and the Democrats (needing to deflect from their weak on Terrorism stances) exploit Orlando for usual Gun Control

Countless gunned down and dying daily in Democrat run Chicago (that has some of the strictest Gun control Laws on the Planet) = Democrats silent.
Democrats need to deflect from being weak on Terror and Terrorists following an Islamist Terrorist (by a registered Democrat who has Social Media posts of himself wearing Hillary For…

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Your help in writing Letters To Editor - re Flint Water Crisis - is needed...

Dear Friends.... You MUST DEMAND that your Local Media Outlets Investigate and Report THE WHOLE TRUTH about the Flint Water Crisis.... Write Letters To Editors and/or Post to their Websites and/or FB Pages.... This is NOT even about defending the GoverNerd (some folks like him, some folks are - let's say - less than "fans") but is about DEMANDING FULL ACCOUNTABILITY....

Q: Why is no-one demanding for all communications between the Flint Water Dept and Flint Mayor and DEQ and asking:…


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Gas Tax and Road Repairs

[Editors note: Now that the lame-duck session of the MILeg passed the buck and put the issue on the Ballot for May 5, 2015 you should see: for current information leading up to that Vote.]

Letter to Editors
RE: Brian Dickerson: How the tea party is muddying Michigan's road…

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Should Conservatives Sit Out Another Election

Dear Rattle With Us Writers Group members and other friends.  …

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Agema rescinds Weiser Endorsement: Supports Horning and Stelle for U of M Regent

Agema Rescinds Weiser Endorsement: Supports Horning and Steele for U of M Regent


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Who should be Michigan's next Speaker of the House?

Dear Rattle With Us Writers Group members and other friends.  …

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