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My New Email from Mark Schauer - disgusting!

From: Mark Schauer

Date: 12/8/2009 8:22:32 AM

To: kaybentley@charter.net

Subject: Fair trade policies will help Michigan compete


Dear Friend,

I firmly believe that Michigan’s auto companies, suppliers, and workers can compete with anyone in the world when given a chance to do so on a level playing field.

That’s why I recently co-sponsored a resolution calling on South Korea to end unfair trade practices… Continue

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A Great History Lesson - must see - Kay Bentley

This is a 11 minute video, but it is a good summary of the types of government that can exist.

A history lesson (http://www.wimp.com/thegovernment/) our children will never come home from today's public schools and tell us about nor one that our “leaders” will address!!

Makes one think. Were you taught this in school?

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Another email from Mark Schauer - I seem to be on his target list - Kay Bentley


Dear Friend,

Last week I had the privilege of voting to pass the Affordable Health Care for America Act – a bill that will make health care affordable for middle-class families, provide security for seniors, and guarantee access to health insurance coverage for the uninsured while responsibly reducing the federal deficit over the next decade and beyond.

I firmly believe this is the plan we need to fix our broken health care system and get our… Continue

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Mark Schauer Will Never Get My Vote - Kay Bentley

Hi Tom,

This is the response that I got back from him when I email him about my position on the health care bill. He will not get any vote from me.

Kay Bentley

-------Original Message-------

From: Rep.Schauer@housemail.house.gov

Date: 8/6/2009 4:23:11 PM

To: kaybentley@charter.net

August 6, 2009

Ms. Kay Frances Bentley

6290 Wilderness… Continue

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Rights and Wealth by Albert Foster sent by Kay Bentley

This is what Albert Foster wrote in the Detroit News 9-27-09 and I agree with him:

A recent letter writer claimed that health care, education and a decent living are rights, not options. In truth, they are privileges that are provided by society. The level and quality of these "rights" depends on how wealthy that society is.

Therefore, we should all strive to create a society that increases wealth first before we worry about redistributing wealth. People who do not understand… Continue

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