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I was Silent

The latest edict from the HHS secratary compelled me to write this:


I Was Silent


I was silent when they gave us Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid…now my 78 year old mother is a ward of the state but we cannot sustain this outcome for millions yet to retire.


I was silent when they launched the war on poverty…16 trillion dollars later we have more poverty, more single mothers, more out-of-wedlock births, and a 16 trillion…


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How can we follow a Bill in the House or Senate?



Hi Y'all (I lived in Virginia for a while),…


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What are other Tea Party groups up to?


Hello fellow Rattlers,


I recently attended the national Tea Party Summit in Phoenix, AZ.  There is a great deal of interest and energy among all of the Tea Party organizations.  There are also many different projects underway to address the various issues of interest to the grass roots Tea Party movement.  There are…


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Greetings from the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit 2011, Phoenix AZ

Hello from Phoenix,


First the important news, it was sunny and 70 this afternoon as I walked through the streets of downtown Phoenix in my Tea Party T-shirt.  (Sorry, couldn't resist).


It was a very interesting day.  The Tea Party Patriots are launching what they are calling a "40 Year Plan".  They intend to be able to look back in 40 years at what they have accomplished with pride.  I hope I can join them...I'll only be 97.  Seriously though, the idea is that…


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Pressure the Senate for up-or-down vote on Obamacare



Let's pressure the Senate (I'm sure our stellar crew is waiting to hear from us) to take an up-or-down vote on Obamacare.  We need to get them on recored for where they stand.



John McGowan

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Now is the Time for Definition

Time for Definition

In the months leading up to the 2010 mid terms it was OK, in fact desirable, for the Tea Party to appear as an unorganized, grass roots…


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Pray for Gridlock


This is a great article on congressional gridlock by Dr. Thomas Sowell:

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