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Access to Quality Health Care

There is a great debate in Michigan and in other states around the nation on the topic of Medicaid Expansion. Like most of you reading this, I desire to find ways of providing access to quality, affordable healthcare for more Americans. But I wonder, is expanding Medicaid the best way to do this? What if you could provide access to affordable quality care to more individuals without expanding Medicaid? After extensive research, I have come to see that there are other, more sound…


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Governor Snyder's Position on Medicaid Expansion

During our 11/19/12 RWU meeting, I was asked to share Snyder's position on Medicaid expansion with you. I was not able to answer during the meeting, but my chief of staff did some research on the subject. Here is his position:

Michigan: Gov. Rick Snyder (R) on Aug. 3 told the Associated Press that he had not decided whether to opt out of the Medicaid expansion. He said he is weighing many factors in his decision, but said he thought the state could save money if it decides to…


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Important Information About November Ballot Proposals

Please note that the Ballot Proposal language that will appear on the November ballot is only a SUMMARY of the proposal. Unfortunately, the summaries that you will see on the ballot are generally akin to marketing platitudes that may or may not mask important details specific to the proposal. As with most things in life, the devil is in the details. If you are interested in the ACTUAL changes that will be made as a…

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Upcoming Ballot Initiatives (Part II)

One other proposed amendment to our MI Constitution this Fall that demands your attention and NO vote is the Renewable Energy Amendment (aka 25 in 25). This amendment would require that 25% of Michigan's electricity would come from renewable sources by 2025. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, power is not generated from pixie dust. Michigan's electricity rates will "necessarily skyrocket" (Pre…

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Upcoming Ballot Initiatives (Part I)

There are quite a few proposals on the ballot this Fall that demand your attention. The most aggregious of this proposals are as follows:

1) "Protect Our Jobs" (aka Union Boss Ballot Initiative): Designed to protect public employee unions... from reforms that bring their compensation in line with the private sector. It also impairs our First…

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Follow Senator Patrick Colbeck on Facebook

If you are interested in keeping up to date on the latest happenings in Lansing, I encourage everyone to follow my postings on Facebook.  I am starting to provide a regular update from the Senate floor that you might find interesting.  Simply search for Senator Patrick Colbeck on Facebook and "Like" my page to receive regular updates on my postings. 

You can also have yourself added to the distribution list for our…


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A window into the world of the global alarmist (aka leftist) crowd...meltdown in Copenhagen :)

I encourage each of you to peruse the following site It provides some insights into how the Global alarmist crowd is reacting to the debacle at Copenhagen and their plans moving forward.

In addition to the plans outlined on the above site and its myriad links, you should know that the UN is working on a Global Climate Situation Room in Gimcheon, South Korea (see attached) with the purpose of sounding the alarm… Continue

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