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Governor Rick Snyder praised in the Washington Post

As was reported this morning on "Fox and Friends" (Thursday Dec. 13, 2012) here is a part of what Jeb Bush of Florida had to say in a Washington Post article "Lesson In Leadership" (12-12-12)-------

"For an example of real effective, No-Holds-Barred Leadership in tough times, Mr. Obama (and Republican congressional leaders, for that matter) would be wise to look at Michigan.  The quintessential Rust Belt Dinosaur has undergone an amazing transformation, thanks to Gov. Rick Snyder and…


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She still knows what she's talking about

I saw this gal live in Clarkston Michigan nearly 2 years ago and she's still as delightful as she was then.…

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Photos of Newt Gingrich Meeting and Herman Cain Event

To see some photos that I shot at the Newt Gingrich meeting at the Westin at Metro Airport, just click on Photos above.


To see some photos that I shot at the Herman Cain event at the Blue Sky Diner in Ypsilanti just go to and go to Visual Content near top of page and click on Photos.



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The Rock and Roll Guitar

Did you see Thaddeus McCotter playing the guitar on the Huckabee show Yesterday.  If you didn't, you missed a very entertaining segment.  That man can "play a guitar like a ringing a bell",  Go Thad Go. 

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One man’s perspective on why Rick Snyder is the man for the job of Michigan Governor.

I was disappointed only briefly when Mike Bouchard did not win the Republican nomination for Governor. I then got busy and found that we have an excellent candidate in Rick Snyder. Below is a list of the positives I see in having Rick as our next Governor:…


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September 11 - Let Freedom Ring

Land where our fathers died,

Land of the pilgrim's pride,

From every mountain-side,

Let Freedom Ring !…


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This is worth reposting !

Brilliant and factual comments by "Charles Krauthammer"

Posted by Mr. Lynn McKeith on August 30, 2010 at 8:40pm


These comments are all true and Great by Mr. Krauthammer. Thank You Sir!

Dr, Krauthammer…


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Restoring Honor Rally today with Glenn Beck in DC was wonderful !

Thank God for Glenn Beck and the many many other patriots who attended the event today (August 28, 2010). It was far more wonderful and inspiring than anything you could imagine.

Were you there today at the rally or did you see it on C-SPAN? Luckily I recorded it from C-SPAN. I can make DVDs of the entire broadcast and would be happy to make one for any Rattle With Us member who requests it. That's my way of spreading the very positive attitude that was expressed at the rally.…


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Our Republican Choice in November

Please become well acquainted with Rick Snyder by clicking on the link above. He seems to have a lot on the ball including the ability to win the nomination this August 3rd. We have to deal with what is and move forward. I find RICK SNYDER to be a promising and accomplished businessman who should be up to…


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Why Can't our President ...........

Why can't our President get out of the campaign mode? He constantly talks about "the other side". HE MUST REALIZE THAT HE IS NOW PRESIDENT OF BOTH SIDES and all sides.

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Bumper Sticker Material

Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist'

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Ray Stevens sets the record straight!

I couldn't resist letting you know about this you-tube video from the well known long time musical comedian Ray Stevens.

Just click on this link to see it .......


Rondal Mullins

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Here's something you'll love.

Double Click on the above. If you're a Christian you'll love it. If not you'll surely appreciate the talent that went into the production and execution of this video. This will show us that we…


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Sarah Palin Came to Town and Did Us Proud

Below is a photo taken this morning May 1st just before SARAH PALIN gave the 1 hour Keynote Address of the DEFENDING THE AMERICAN DREAM SUMMIT sponsored by "AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY" at the Mt. Zion MagaChurch in Clarkston, Michigan this morning. It was one fantastically encouraging speech. We must not give up! Be advised that the entire speech was videotaped and will be available for showing to our RATTLE WITH US Group if you'd like to see… Continue

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Important Opportunity to support our Conservative Agenda

Here's an event that you will not want to miss. There is an all day summit event organized by AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY which will be held in Clarkston on Saturday May 1st. SARAH PALIN IS KEYNOTE SPEAKER. I visited the location today. It's about 25 miles north of 8 Mile Road and Telegraph.



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What a wonderful tribute to a year of hard work !

Thanks Sharon, Marybeth, Tom and the whole Gang for a great event yesterday. So much came together yesterday on our 1 year anniversary of the founding of the modern Tea Party Movement. Below is a list of things that I am thankful for and proud of----

1. We showed them we have persistence. (Stick-tuitiveness) We're not going…


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A link to all the Photo Slide Shows I've posted...

I thought I'd post a link to all of the slideshows that I've done. It includes the most recent one on Saturday February 27th. of the Dr. David Janda lecture. I know that this site is sometimes difficult to manipulate through. That's why I'm posting this link......


Rondal Mullins


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The Real Goal of the Green Climate Crusade

I went to last night's University of Michigan "Green Climate" lecture by Keith Lockitch. It was a well researched lecture and had much original thinking by the speaker.

It was mentioned that Africa has 1.5 Billion people without electricity and the average life expectancy there is less than 40 years. The point being that in this highly polluted industrialized nation of ours, we still live about twice that long. Do you want to go back to a less industrialized nation? It was also… Continue

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There's Hope !

I just received a letter in the mail from SOUTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It, to my surprise, acknowledged that the Southfield & Lathrup Village School system is in crisis. I was surprised even more when they reported that they are proposing reducing the size of the school operation and closing down several schools and going to a consolidation program. They are cutting many services (which they say they can't afford) and are now dedicated to living within their reduced budget. WOULD… Continue

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My observation on the Obama speech of 1-27-2010

State of the Union.

I listened carefully to Obama's State of the Union Speech last night and did NOT hear any mention of his intention to drastically reduce the size of the United States Govdernment. What gives?


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