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Memorial Day Parade in Walled Lake.

Michigan is a small town too but the Memorial Day Parade draws a pretty big crowd. Seriously if 1000 people showed up to march for the Lakes Area Tea Party this town would not know what to do? The town is just outside of Novi Michigan. If you want to see exactly where the parade will be look go to google go to where it says more and go futher to even more. Look up Walled Lake, Michigan and find my pictures under zanografix.

We plan on holding a rally after the march at the gazeebo…


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The idea that Obama is presiding over the decline of America and going from county to country apologizing for us is intolerable. I am an American with a capital "A" and I am offended by this. I realize that people don't like to voice their displeasure because political statements, but they can be shouted loud and long and still look good. MY protest is right up there loud, clear, and looking good.

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No to giving away US Rights

The Constitution starts off with "We the people of the United States" it doesn't say Afghanistan or Iraq. Those countries are not us. They have a different way of doing things and to extend them rights granted to US citizens is an abuse of power. Obama should understand that we grant the government powers by our consent. We did not elect him king. He can not dictate that we give those rights to foreigners because our soldiers are not policemen and they should not be asked to act that way. To… Continue

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A Small Act

At the Memorial Day Parade in Walled Lake, MI., I held up a sign that read:

"Remember they died for your personal liberty, not a big central federal government."

As everyone marched by I could see the heads turn as the read the sign, the only one in the crowd. If I made one convert to the idea of limited government, then my sore shoulders the next day were a small price to bear.

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