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Some More Hopelessness and Change from our President

I have recently found out that Obama is giving our drug industries a nice present for their support of ObamaCare.  Unless it can be stopped, all drugs, prescription and non-prescription, will be seized by U.S. agents and destroyed after crossing the border into the United States.  This means that anyone who orders drugs across the border for the lower cost will no longer be able to use this valuable resource.  Please sign the petition after clicking on the following link so you can have…


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Barney is at it Again

Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation ‘Gutted,’ Paul Says

The secrets of the Federal Reserve shall remain secret. The Fed got to Barney Frank (Probably not hard to do) The heart out of the legislation has been ripped out. Very curious is the continued emphasis on not letting us see what transactions the Fed has been conducting with foreign central banks. The Fed is really hiding something here, and the US citizens will now have no insight into what it is. Get the word out on this. The… Continue

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Reid's plans for passing healthcare

The following is from an email sent to me from the Media Research Center. I would love to see Harry Reid defeated in his next election. What a snake.

Brent Bozell appeared on “Fox & Friends” this morning, and dropped a health care bombshell broken by MRC’s own …

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to sneak a mystery health care bill through Congress and to the President with no debate and no public scrutiny …

And the most… Continue

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Check out and take part in this website. It is a great idea!

I found out about this website and find it a wonderful answer to the willful ignorance coming out of Washington. I have included the website address for anyone to cut and paste. Below is an explanation from the website's founder, Wayne Ostrander.

Pick a piece of legislation or two if you feel ambitious today

use the last three of your SS# or any number that comes to mind and download the pdf of the legislation. Read… Continue

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Healthcare Tea Party Rally at Beaumont Hospital

Healthcare Freedom Taskforce


Wm. Beaumont Hospital

3601 W. Thirteen Mile Road – west of Woodward Avenue

(By marquee at main entrance, on sidewalk along road), Royal Oak

Thursday, October 15th

3:30 – 6 PM

Stop Obama-Pelosi-Reid government takeover of healthcare. Make your voice heard!

Bring signs & friends. This is a family-friendly event. Please use appropriate language on signs/placards.… Continue

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912 March Was A Great Moment in America

I attended the 912 March in DC and was absolutely astounded by the numbers of fellow patriots who made their presence known. I have been told that our numbers were being estimated at 1.5 million, and possibly as much as 2 million attendees. During the event at the Capitol, I heard one of the scheduled speakers say that CNN was reporting that they were expecting about one thousand. I think we exceeded their lowball numbers. I was fortunate to get close to the stage at the front of the Capitol… Continue

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Gary Peters Townhall

I went to the Gary Peters healthcare forum in West Bloomfield and was able to get in. I arrived at 3:30 and they opened the doors at 5:00. The show started at 6 and was pretty much what I expected with the pro-Obama healthcare crowd coming early and taking a ton of seats. Not enough of us showed up early. Peters was pretty respectful, compared to Dingell's townhall. He seemed a lot less imperious and dismissive, but it was a lot of misinformation that we had to listen to. I still find it… Continue

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show up early

I was reading the Detroit News and it had a story on the Gary Peter's townhall meeting today. The Oakland County Democratic Party is sending out emails to its members telling them to show up at 4:00 to beat us when we show up at 5:00. I was planning on attending at 4:00, but think I might actually show up earlier. Be ready for longer lines than the Dingell meeting. Don't forget to bring your signs.

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I received this email from the Tea Party Express and it is asking for help in raising funds for Our cause. Please read it and if you can help, use the link at the bottom of the page to make a donatio…

I received this email from the Tea Party Express and it is asking for help in raising funds for Our cause. Please read it and if you can help, use the link at the bottom of the page to make a donation. Whatever you can afford to give will go toward keeping this movement alive. But, most important as the email goes on to say, more of us have to start showing up at these events to show the cynical, dismissive media that we are a force to reckon with. Every important cause has to have some… Continue

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Plea for Patriots to attend the 912DC March

I received this email and wanted to share it with everyone who might still be interested in going to Washington or attending a Tea Party Express event here in Michigan.

A message to all members of Tea Party of West Michigan

Please pass this message along. We need everyone's help to make this important event happen. We need to send a message not only to our representatives but to our nation.


Here it is blunt - If we don't show…

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This is another email asking for people to come and participate in Flint.

Our good friends from the Flint area who have been attending rallies in Troy need support at their rally. Please pass it on!



Universal Healthcare

Friday, August 14, 2009

11:00 A.M. TO 12:30 P.M.

Please Get Involved and

Make Your Voices Heard!

Congressman Dale Kildee (co-author of single payer system of… Continue

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Attention All Patriots! TEA PARTY ACTION ALERT!!!

I received the following email asking people to attend a human chain from Gary Peters office to the Civic Center in Troy. They need as many people as possible to show up. Even if it's for 1/2 hour, your presence would definitely be apppreciated.

Passing info on! Please attend and bring others!!

Attention All Patriots! TEA PARTY ACTION ALERT!!!

TEA PARTY: Human Chain from Gary Peters’ Office to Troy City Hall!

When: Friday, Aug. 14; 4-6… Continue

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Email with "Fishy" information

I sent the following email to the website the White House has been touting. Everyone should send one of their own as a poke in the eye toward those arrogant jerks.

I was at a town hall meeting in Romulus, Michigan, on August 6th, and heard some really "fishy" stuff coming from Democratic Congressman John Dingell. He gave us information that sounded suspiciously like outright lies. Maybe you should investigate him.

Thank you,


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Join The 9/12 DC Trip

I am planning on attending the DC trip in September. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. They (the media and corrupt politicians) will see that we are not surrendering to their cynicism and lies. Show up in DC if you are able. The future of our children and grandchildren depend upon our involvement. Bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.

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Elitist Media

I saw something truly insulting and disturbing on the news. Andrea Mitchell, a correspondent with NBC News, made a comment about the people protesting the Healthcare Bill, saying they just "do not understand what is really good for them". This is a perfect example of the arrogant and elitist attitude that the mainstream media and politicians harbor toward their own constituents. I guess we a supposed to be stupid and helpless, waiting for the Ivy League educated and intellectually superior… Continue

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