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Obamacare Tax for BCBS at 9.5% rate coming on premiums

There is now a new tax on every BCBS insurance holder in the state of Michigan at a 9.5% rate on premiums thanks to Obamacare.  "If you like your policy you can keep your policy..........Period!…


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What is your Obamacare cost going to be?

If you want to know where you stand with Obamacare healthcare insurance rates within your "own state" then here it is! Enjoy Obamacare and the rewards that should fulfill your dreams........before bankruptcy! America was promised a $2500 dollar reduction in yearly costs and this was a complete lie!…


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Terri Lynn Land for Michigan Senate


Michigan needs a Republican Senator more than ever to make the state diverse and not "one sided" for the Unions and the political arena!  Big city Michigan liberals should not get all the Senate support like the present two liberal Senators that we have are giving them.  Conservatives are being left out of the process.

Please click on the link below and tell Terri Lynn Land that you will support her:…


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Congress's big rip off of the taxpayers

For all of you Obamacare lovers and haters! Please click on the link provided below and ask the agent "how you can get the same Obamacare coverage with a 75% subsidy paid for by the taxpayers which is just like the Senators and Congressman are getting"! You can get a 75% subsidy on your healthcare costs!  Obamacare is a complete joke and make this call to confirm it!




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Victory for Michigan workers!

Victory for the working citizens of Michigan that places non-Union workers on a level playing field when bidding for a job. "Fair and Open Competition" has come back to Michigan. Do not ever lose this again!…


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MI-CAIR wants your mascot

It seems that dimwit Dawud Walid of MI-CAIR, South Eastern Michigan is now really concerned about American Indians and mascots of schools. http://weaselzippers.us/2013/06/06/cair-official-demands-schools-dump-mascots-featuring-indians/

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CAIR of Michigan is now suing Michigan and the taxpayers

Muslim C.A.I.R. of Michigan is now suing the state of Michigan and its people of the state because the prison system will NOT relent to providing food that Muslim prisoners demand over other prisoners.  Pizza for everyone on demand?…


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Buena Vista Township racist

Democrat Clerk from Buena Vista Township, Michigan resists to resign/step down for calling another official an arrogant ni****!  I guess liberals have two sets of standards they go by, one for them and another for everyone else!


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Recall Senator Levin Committee

Time to recall Senator Levin Committee:


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Unions to pay for their own payroll deductions and not the taxpayers

This would be an excellent bill if our legislature could get this one passed like they are doing in Indiana.  Please contact your Congressmen and Senators of this state and ask them to introduce the same type of bill.


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No Fault Reform

No Fault Reform on Face Book:    


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John Conyers

Congressman John Conyers really needs to retire.  This old geezer has a problem with words and sentences and doesn't understand that when someone crosses the border without the proper entry, they are automatically a felon, according to the law as written but not enforced by the Obama regime.


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Michigan Unions ready to sue their own members

Michigan Teachers Unions are getting ready to sue their own members if they do not pay Union Dues.  Not the right way to go one would think!


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Michigan Road Repair Tax

Michigan road repairs and how the government of Michigan wants to get your money,  the lesser of two evils and how it works:…


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Shut down Big Government and Now!

America's Food Stamp President. While the Rev. Al Sharpton wants to have Barack Obama enshrined on Mount Rushmore, there are 48 million Americans, mostly white on Food Stamps.

1).   America's Food Stamp President: http://www.youtube.com/watc…

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Gov. Snyder's New Education Plan


Thank you Governor Snyder!


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Rattle With Us on FaceBook

Join "Rattle With Us" on Face Book and leave your thoughts, opinions and news of the day.


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Michigan and "Right to Work State"!

Michigan citizens............please join the cause to bring business's to Michigan, jobs and growth.  The State of Michigan needs to become a "Right to Work State".  The Unions recently tried to change our Constitution and they failed.  Now comes the answer to Michigan's growth problems.    ....


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Syed Taj

No to Syed Taj because of this: Does he support Benghazi-Gate to be kept quiet like Obama?


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Benghazi Gate

Did the President go to bed on 9/11/2012 knowing that the consulate in Benghazi was under attack and 4 Americans were killed?  All reports show that e-mails from the Ambassador went to the White House and nothing was done to help our people.

Exposed and guilty of lying to America: …


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