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Karl Rove

Karl Rove will be speaking at the Livingston Republican's Annual Lincoln Dinner on February 23rd, 2011 at 6:30PM.

Is anybody else interested in going? The cost is $60 per person and includes dinner. They offer packages of ten people so we could sit at the same table. I can forward the invite from the Wayne 11th mailer to anyone that wants to read it.

Here is a direct link the site.…


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State Convention Candidate Survey

I'd like your input on the candidates before I go to the State Convention Saturday. Follow the link below to take a brief survey.…


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Please take this survey

This survey will help us as delegates to understand and get an idea as to whom we should support at the MIchigan Republican Convention on August 28th. Everybodies input is needed. Spread this survey around anywhere you can. Just copy and pastye the link below into an email message or on your facebook page…


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Tea Party History

This is a long article but weel worth the read.

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HMO History

This is a quick review of the HMO history I found on the internet. It goes hand-in-hand with what Dr. Janda talked to us about.

The individual was first…


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Granholm Budget Proposal

I listened to Gov. Jennifer Granholm Friday morning of the Paul W. Smith show spelling out her 2011 budget and all I heard was more of the same crap Obama is pushing; entitlements, entitlements, entitlements. She spoke of increasing tax revenues to secure federal matching funds for such things as more food stamps and…


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DC Snow Storm

This latest snow storm has brought an interesting fact to the forefront; shutting DC down is saving us tons of money!

Everyday these politicians are out of office, we save money. They are not in the Capital building contriving…


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Global Warming Agency

I found it humorous that Obama had to delay the announcement of the grand opening of the new Global Warming Agency because of the two blizzards that hit the DC area this past week.

Forget the fact that the University at East Anglia data collection was fraudulent and corrupted or the fact that…


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Obama, Granholm and the Economy

Obama is still touting green jobs as the answer for the economic recovery of our nation. Green jobs may be part of the future of economic growth but it will do nothing for the people of today. People that are losing their homes, that can’t find work and have to move in with relatives, what are they supposed to do?

Many have lost their retirement funds because of the “expert tutelage” of Franklin Raines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fame according to Barney Frank. Mr. Raines took $90… Continue

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Scott Brown Reasoning

Let us not forget that the reason Scott Brown won the senate election in Massachusetts was because of the PEOPLE. The republicans are talking of “their” victory. The republicans wanted nothing to do with the tea partiers at first. They played no hand in motivating the grassroots campaign, it was the anger of the American people fed up with Washington spending and wasting our tax dollars and destroying our freedoms.

It wasn’t just republicans; the activism was by conservatives,… Continue

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Senator SellOut

Here we are our backs are against the wall as our elected officials sell their very souls for a yes vote on health care plan that will increase costs, raise our taxes and jail those that refuse to buy coverage. Our very freedoms are being ushered out by the “ruling class” that can only be compared to that of the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union some 50 years ago.

The very reason government took up health care reform was to ensure coverage for everyone and reduce costs, this as we see… Continue

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Health Care Jibberish

I am sick and tired of hearing the liberal talking points about the current state of our health care system.

They refer to it with words such as broken, crisis, unaffordable and sweeping reform. They also refer to the republicans as the party of NO and continue to pump out the idea that the republicans had no plan, when it is well known they had offered several plans. They need to learn that, just because they say them doesn’t make it so. Republicans are not the party of NO; they are the… Continue

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Obama Promises

Obama promised the American pharmaceutical companies that he would not allow foreign companies to import drugs into this country and that he would not price fix the amount these companies charged for their drugs. The pharmaceutical companies responded by spending millions for TV spots to advance ObamaCare. The senate is now looking to vote on an amendment to allow price fixing and it allows foreign imports which should scare the hell out of every American in this country. I'll bet those… Continue

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After receiving the letter from Organizing for America in which it asked that liberals in McCotter's district send a letter to local newspapers condemning him for voting against Obama-Pelsoi health bill, I decided to write one in support. It was published in the Detroit Free Press and the Westland Observer. The Observer added it into their opinion column with a letter that showed the opposing point of view and I thought her story was so comical that I decided to post them both here, It should… Continue

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Senator Glen Anderson

Last week I wrote letter to our Senator Glen Anderson asking him his thoughts on the Michigan Fair Tax plan and his response was to send me a hyper link to a tax blog on the MSN money network written by Jeff Schnepper.

I commented and answered Mr. Schnepper’s questions that Mr. Anderson suggested I read and I told him that it seemed to me by reading Schnepper’s questions; he nor Schnepper were really up on the subject.

I offered to sit down with Mr. Anderson and offer my… Continue

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Mr. Obama speaking at a fund raiser for Democratic governors on 10/01/09 stated that the stimulus bill was working and that he wasn’t going to stop with his job creation until everybody that wanted a job, got a job. He cited the “shovel ready” projects that were putting people back to work; the roads being built and bridges that we being repaired contributed to the economy showing signs of coming back.

Really, just where are these jobs at? There is some road work being done near… Continue

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Ms Stabenow at it Again

Once again, our US Senator Debbie Stabenow tells us that we are too stupid to read a health care bill and make an informed decision.

Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) had an amendment on the senate health care bill that would allow the finished bill with the “score” (cost and provisions) uploaded to the internet for all American’s to read it and let us decide if it was a good plan or not prior to the senate voting on it, but Ms. Stabenow stated that it “would just confuse them” and the… Continue

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Bart Stupak on Czars

This is a response I received fron Congressman Bart Stupak on the subject of Obama and his czar appointments. I sent another letter asking that if the Senate approved these appointments, then who were the Senators that approved Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett. I am eagerly awaiting his non-response.

Dear Mr Solarz:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Obama Administration's use of "czars". I appreciated hearing from you.

There are no such things as presidential…

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When will President Obama give a live public speech to all the people?

Not just his union buddies or his hand-picked town hall meeting audiences. Why won’t he face the real people that he is trying to hold down in order to push his socialistic if not communistic agenda?

Why does he say things like “Tea Parties? -- I didn’t even know they were happening” or why did he conveniently set up a meeting with health care supporters in Minnesota the day 2 million people converged on… Continue

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Article by Tom Borelli

This is a good quick read;

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