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4/18/2016 RWU Monthly Meeting Presentation

At our monthly meeting on 4/18, Tony Shakey gave a presentation on the importance of getting involved in politics. Attached is the presentation.


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DOL-VETS Announces Availability of $13 Million for HVRP Grants


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Fourth Edition of Wes Press – How Embarrassing?

Fourth Edition of Wes Press – How Embarrassing?

Hello and thank you for your continued interest in the “Wes Press”.

Since I declared my candidacy for the position of Lieutenant Governor over a year ago, I have been told many things and called many things on the campaign trail.

Some bad…but mostly good!

The remark I hear most often by a few who have criticized my candidacy is that I’m doing this with the sole intent to embarrass the Governor…


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Third Edition of the Wes Press

Third edition of “Wes Press” – Behind the Scenes but Not in Front!?

Dear Delegates/Alternates and other interested parties,…


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2nd Edition of “Wes Press” – BE A KING NOT A PAWN

It troubles me when some in our party proclaim that delegates should be a rubber stamp in support of the Governor’s choice for Lieutenant Governor - both in your vote and your voice.

They are saying you are welcome to volunteer your time, treasure and talent but don’t bother us with your hopes and concerns.

I reject the notion that delegates should be seen and not heard. I reject the fact that many precinct delegates were signed up simply to be used as pawns in a game to…


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First Addition of Wes Press

Hello Precinct Delegates and other interested parties,

My name is Wes Nakagiri and I’m sure you have heard by now that I am running for the position of Lieutenant Governor.  The Lieutenant Governor will be selected BY THE DELEGATES at the MIGOP State Convention on Saturday, August 23rd.

If you are wondering why I am sending you this message via so many different means of communication and organizations, it’s because I have always believed the best voter is the most…


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List of Veteran's Sites

 If I have missed any, please feel free to add them to the list.

Download and print the list here: Veteran.doc

Veteran's Appeals -

Board of Veteran's Appeals - …


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GOP District/County Resolutions Against the Medicaid Expansion

The Michigan 11th Congregational District Republican Committee has taken a strong position against the expansion of MEDICAID. You can view it here: The%2011th%20Congressional%20District%20Republican%20Party%20%281%29.pdf 

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Kurt Heise on Health Care Exchanges

Representative Heise cannot attend our meeting on Tuesday. He asked me to post his response regarding health care exchanges. There is a link at the bottom for further information.


Unfortunately I have a prior commitment with the Boy Scouts that evening. I know, however, that there is concern regarding the vote yesterday on the Health Care Exchange, and I'd like you…


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Poll Challengers Needed

With Michigan being a Toss Up state with regard to whether we go Democrat or Republican this is more important in the past. You MUST get trained and then MUST be registered. There have been changes since the 2008 elections. So, even if you challenged before, you will need to be trained. This is important in all voting precincts of Michigan; but even more important in Wayne County. It has the…


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Ballot Proposals

Ballot proposals can be confusing, especially when they are worded in a way the makes them sound good.

RWU suggests the following:

Proposal 1 ~ YES

Proposal 2 ~ NO

Proposal 3 ~ NO

Proposal 4 ~ NO

Proposal 5 ~ YES

Proposal 6 ~ YES

As always, it is up to you to be an informed voter. Attached, are fliers that detail the proposals and their affects.



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Monthly Ruth Report

At our meeting last night (3/12/12), Jennifer Helmer passed out th current "Ruth Report". The intent of the report is to keep you informed about the SOS office. As I get these reports, I will be posting them here for your review.


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Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations

The following are violations by the Obama administration. The complete article can be read here:

If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

List of…


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Many of you have seen the Osborn's sitting in back of our meeting room with a table full of books. Dave and Susan took it on their own to put these books together and make them available to you. Please stop by their table at our next meeting. While you're there. thank them for their efforts.




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Presidential Primary FAQ

Jennifer Helmer from Ruth Johnson's office sent the following; Thank you, Jennifer!


The following link contains very good information for all voters in Michigan. Please forward.…


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Health Care Compact Update -- We need you to contact your Senator Today

From our friend Jay McNally:

I’m writing to give you a quick update on the status of the Health Care Compact in Michigan, and to ask you to make a quick phone call or send a note to your state senator TODAY or TOMORROW asking him to become a co-sponsor of the HCC in the Senate.

If possible, can you…


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National Popular Vote..It Lives in MI!

The following is from Joan Fabiano:

--- On…

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Patrick Colbeck Support

Patrick wrote the following article. Please see my comments after the article. Thank you for your support!

Column – Keys to a Recovery

(823 words)

By Senator Patrick Colbeck


 Last summer I talked with you as a candidate for the State Senate about my hopes for our…


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Milt Harris, Logically Speaking ~ Joshua's Trail

The following is the actual transcript from Milt Harris' Logically Speaking commentary on Joshua's Trail. The broadcast from April 16, 2011 can be heard once it is uploaded to the Joshua's Trail web site. Thanks, Milt!…


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