When will President Obama give a live public speech to all the people?
Not just his union buddies or his hand-picked town hall meeting audiences. Why won’t he face the real people that he is trying to hold down in order to push his socialistic if not communistic agenda?

Why does he say things like “Tea Parties? -- I didn’t even know they were happening” or why did he conveniently set up a meeting with health care supporters in Minnesota the day 2 million people converged on Washington DC to let him and congress know we are fed up with the direction they are taking our country?

Obama has 5 TV shows this Sunday all for him to push this massive take-over of health care and our economy. The only station he is not hitting up for air time is of course the Fox News Network.

Does Obama ever actually do any governing or is he in campaign mode constantly. He’s been on TV now in the 9 months since taking office more than GW Bush did in all of the 8 years he was president.

Congress couldn’t even run the Cash for Clunkers program effectively, some dealers still haven’t been paid. Medicare, Social Security, and the Post Office are all bankrupt so why do they think they can run health care?
Ask any veteran about the health care treatment they get from the VA and see how much they enjoy that experience.

Make no mistake; the Democratic Party is hell-bent on changing this country to a socialist style government. They truly believe that we the people are too stupid to take care of ourselves, so they are going to just go ahead and take whatever means necessary to control all of us and our incomes, yet their record of management is far from exemplary.
They have been dummying down our students for decades by allowing teachers tenure way too easily which allows bad teachers to secure a life-time job. They have jockeyed the system to allow teachers to teach what inspires them rather than the 3-R’s to the point that one student has studied the rain forest 9 times! He could have learned a lot more in those other 8 semesters such as political science, mathematics, literature or any number of other subjects that were interesting to him.
These same people, the liberal acolytes, have let the environmentalists destroy our economy by moves such as; closing off water to farms in California that grow food to protect a 2” minnow smelt that lives in the stream that feeds water to these farms, but the minnow is not native to that stream and it isn’t even on the endangered species list!

Nor will they allow us to drill for oil on American soil to reduce our dependence on foreign oil but still recite the need to do so. They feel we all need to pay more to get over our dependence oil by creating a technology that is still 30 years in perfecting.

Every plan the Democrats have to offer come with a higher price tag – why is that? They want total and complete control over our economic system as well as what cars we can drive, what careers we can have, what health care procedures we are allowed and how long we can live. Doesn't this remind you of another country and government from not so long ago?

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Comment by Phil Solarz on September 21, 2009 at 6:22am
Yes, I will be there
Comment by Joanne on September 21, 2009 at 2:15am
your right -- people before fish -- it's just common sense
your a great American - Phillip
are you coming to the Bowling Fundraiser ?
This Friday
Comment by Phil Solarz on September 20, 2009 at 10:52am
Thanks Joanne, no I have not read that one.
It has also come to my attention that the minnow IS on the endangered species list. I apparently gotten some mis-information at the time I wrote this article, but I still believe that people should eat before we save a minnow.
I write to all the local newspapers is our area every week and I have started posring some of the articles here in my blog at the ning site
Comment by Joanne on September 20, 2009 at 2:07am
Wow, excellent, Phillip you just said it the very best way - I've ever heard it said.
those words were in my head
have you read Liberal Fascism ?
wonderfully put

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