2010 Michigan Election Information

The following note was received from Jennifer Helmer. There is some very good information on the site. Please pass it along to everyone you know.

Many thanks, Jennifer!


Good afternoon,

I am often asked where one may view their ballot before the election. In addition, it is critical that voters know what offices are actually on the ballot, who the candidates are running for those offices and what millages, proposals and initiatives are also being voted on each election.

Please note the following Secretary of State website one may use to view their ballot for the upcoming primary election on August 3rd. Voters will be asked to query by name or by drivers license number. You may then click on, "View My Sample Ballot".


Understanding what offices and candidates are on the ballot will be especially important in the general election this November as there are non-partisan offices we vote on that have a major impact on our lives.

Please distribute this to your networks so that we can educate and inform all involved in 2010

Thank you,
Jennifer Helmer
Deputy Chair, MRP

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Comment by patriotm1 on June 19, 2010 at 12:44am
Good information. Is there another venue to get this word out as well? Identifying the "good" candidates, especially in the lesser know position races, might be helpful to the cause.

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