2011 House Bill 4361 Voting Results: Replace MBT, Tax Pensions, Trim Credits & Deductions

Replaces the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) with a 6% corporate income tax; eliminates several corporate tax breaks and subsidies; repeal a gradual cut in the personal income tax rate from 4.25% to 3.9%; scale back the current income tax exemption for pension income; reduce the Earned Income Tax credit by 70%; eliminate or reduce other income tax dedutions and credits including the homestead property tax credit, personal exemption and dependent child credit; and make other tax code changes.

Go to www.michiganvotes.org and enter 4361 to get voting results.  Start reading bill from top to where it reads "Passed 56 to 53..." Then click on: "Who Voted Yes and Who Voted NO" to get voting results by House Representative.   Continue reading down until it reads "Passed 19 to 19..". Then click on: "Who Voted Yes and Who Voted No" to get voting results by Senator.


You will find that Senator Patrick Colbeck (R), endorsed by Rattle With Us opposed HB 4361. Find out how your senator or representative voted.  My representative for district 20, Kurt Heise (R), voted for HB 4361.


For the House vote results, the websitefor printing is:  http://michiganvotes.org/RollCall.aspx?ID=568545&Print=true


For Senate vote results, the website for printing is:   http://michiganvotes.org/RollCall.aspx?ID=570810&Print=true


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