The weather was perfect. The crowd was impressive: hundreds, perhaps a thousand. We had some counter protesters but they were well-behaved with the exception of one heckler (See Karen masterfully emceed our event and led us in the Pledge. We had a beautiful 2-verse rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Dennis Moore's brother Art. Elder Yuille led us in prayer. Melinda Day, a UM student with a passion for liberty, gave the first speech. I was very proud of her. I encouraged her to speak because I thought it was appropriate that we have students on podium since we were gathered in the heart of the U. It was her first effort and I thought she was magnificent! Thayrone spoke next giving us vintage Thayrone. Lovely Linda was also there. Thank God for them! They and WAAM are Tea Party treasures. Tony spoke next ripping McCain and Romney for past sins against liberty (His time was cut in half or he would have done the same to Obama and company). Vince spoke on behalf of the college libertarians. I spoke exhorting these good TP folks to join me in becoming precinct delegates. I couldn't pay attention to the speakers after me because I was too busy signing up pds. Joe was there recording the event. I look forward to his upcoming show on community TV. As usual, we left the place in as good a condition as we found it.

Thanks to the U of M for giving us permission and to Diane Brown, spokeswoman for the U-M Department of Public Safety, for insisting upon orderly conduct from the counter protestors. Thanks to Tim Bradburn and the AA Tea Party Patriots who did a great job putting this event together. Thanks to all of you who came and supported us in this event: WAAM listeners, concerned citizens, university libertarians and Republicans, Washtenaw GOP, Rattle With Us, Washtenaw Campaign for Liberty, Washtenaw Libertarian Party, Willow Run Tea Party Caucus (, and Ann Arbor Patriots (

I want to offer my personal thanks to those dedicated AA Patriots who helped me to sign up precinct delegates: John, Jim, and Dave. This is not the first time--and I'm sure it will not be the last--that these committed patriots have stood up to help me save our country.

If this event has inspired you to bring tea party principles to the GOP and if you are a Washtenaw County resident, please contact me ASAP so that we can get you registered to become a precinct delegate.

Thank you for all your efforts to take back our country.



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