This is amazing and scary at the same time. They should play this for every school.

Look at this: 1948 Cartoon


This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948
Film Title: Make Mine Freedom (1948)

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"...Thomas Jefferson

This cartoon runs 9 min 27 seconds. You won't believe this is a 1948 production. It could have been made right now. Uncanny!!!

Harding college put this out in 1948.

This is one of the best I have ever seen and it was produced in 1948 . This should be viewed by every AMERICAN.... WHETHER DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN.

This cartoon is timeless and is just as true today as it was in 1948!

(See below, from Harding College, The Politics of Harding College. Updated 2006)
“…Political involvement for Harding College began in 1936 with the onset of the presidency of George Stuart Benson,' a former missionary to China. Upon his return to the United States, Benson says that he perceived dangerous omens in the American ethos: defeatism, disillusionment, lost moral purpose, a tendency to listen to "all manner of false prophets.'" In a 1961 interview with reporter Cabell Phillips of The New York Times, Benson described his fears: "Having seen despotism and totalitarianism at first hand in the Orient, I knew where this would lead, and I began talking about it to everyone who would listen.'" Benson scheduled frequent lectures in the late thirties [against Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, …], often at Arkansas high schools and before area civic groups, including those at Little Rock, where he was a popular speaker. Americanism [was his theme]. Committed entry into the field of "Americanism" came for Harding and Benson in 1941 when the little-known educator twice addressed committee hearings of the United States Congress.
“…By 1946, Benson's political column was "appearing in 2,700 newspapers in 46 states. Even more impressive was the number of Americans Benson soon began to reach at the movies. An ex-Walt Disney Productions cartoon producer [John Sutherland/Hanna-Barbera] and a Harding representative met "fortuitously" in 1946 and planned a series of animated cartoon "allegories" boosting free enterprise. Amazingly, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor agreed to distribute the films to 10,000 U.S. commercial theaters, where they were to be viewed by millions of movie-goers as cartoon shorts. In light of Hollywood's longstanding rule of avoiding political controversy, it was inevitable that someone would cry foul sooner or later. The furor came in 1951. The fifth cartoon--a barnyard fable called "Freshlaid Plans"--drew a stinging attack from some U.S. farm leaders for its alleged one-sidedness. This took the edge off Harding's movie success."


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Comment by Julie Slauterbeck on November 8, 2009 at 4:51pm
This cartoon was made in 1948…just one year later (1949) was the start of Mao Zedong’s takeover of China: The founding of the People’s Republic of China – a communist victory!!!!

I am sure this cartoon was made one year before by those who could see the handwriting on the wall. Now our country is being taken over by a more subtle type of regime than that of Mao Zedong – and if we do not stop it, our country will become just another one of those countries driven by socialism/Marxism/communism. We need a wake-up call fast!!!

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