9/12 March on Washington from Port Huron (possible stops in Plymouth/Canton)

From: psalmfourteen@juno.com
Subject: Forgot this info! (PH trip to DC)
To: rattlewithus@yahoo.com, lapeerteaparty@charter.net, marlotrucking@sbcglobal.net, SCNebula@aol.com
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 1:36 PM

Registration and NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT must be in by AUGUST 15th.
Balance due August 31.


Barb Burdo: bburdo@comcast.net
(586) 980-1809

You may pay online by credit card thru Pay Pal;
OR mail a check, payable to:
4308 Atkins Rd.
Port Huron, MI 48060

From: psalmfourteen@juno.com
Subject: 9/12 March on Washington
To: lapeerteaparty@charter.net, SCNebula@aol.com, marlotrucking@sbcglobal.net, rattlewithus@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 1:00 PM

Hello Fellow Patriots!

I wanted to give you an update on our travel plans to DC
for the Taxpayer's March on Washington on 9/12.

PLEASE, try and get as many people, from any type of group who shares
our concerns to go!! We are making it as AFFORDABLE as possible!
AND - we will/ have one of our buses leave out of Flint, and can stop near
Plymouth or Canton to pick up more!

Our other bus(es) will leave Port Huron and can stop near I-94 and M-59 (Hall Rd.)
to pick up more!

There is only one other group so far with travel arrangements to DC; out of Traverse City
down U.S. 131, across I and I-96, then down U.S. 23 south. KZoo TP will be hooking up with them.
They are staying in DC for 2 nights; us only one.


Traveling to DC by charter bus: Blue Lakes Charters & Tours
We will leave the morning of 9-11-09; time to be determined, from Port Huron and Flint;
can make one stop each - arrive in DC about 12 hours later.
Each bus will cost us $4,795.oo - regardless of how many are on it.
We have not made a firm commitment with a deposit yet, we have reserved 3 busses, can use less or more; depending on need.
So, the ticket price is the number of seats filled (up to 56) divided into that $4795. Best case: full bus, $88 a seat.
Now, for each bus we use, there is a $5.oo per driver/per person gratuity charge which goes to the drivers.
So, use only 1 bus, gratuity is $5.oo per person; 2 busses, $10; and so on. If we have only 30 persons or less,
they have a smaller vehicle called a Lounge Coach. Don't know the cost on that yet, but it would be comparable
to the big bus.

Staying at the Marriott Washigton in DC; have 75 rooms, 2 queen beds each reserved (up to 4 may stay in each room)
1221 22nd St. NW at 'M' St. Washinton, DC
Finally the room itself is $113.50 total, tax included. Again, split the rooms, split the price - up to 4 in a room.
2 in a room, $56.75 each; 3 in a room, $37.84 each; 4 to a room, $28.38 each.

People NOT traveling with us by bus can STILL stay with us at the Marriott for the same price; but they have to register as part of our group and pay thru us.

Then we have to provide a hotel room for the driver(s). Mariott's contract provides one free room for every 20
paid rooms. So, if we have 20 paid rooms, and use only 1 or 2 busses, we get a free room, no charge to us for driver's room.
If we have 40 paid rooms, and 3 or 4 busses, again 2 free rooms (2 beds in each room so 2 drivers in each room) so
no charge to us.

Best case: full bus, only one bus, 20 rooms booked, 4 in a room: $120.oo per person
Worst case: 2 full busses, one with say 40 people; only 38 rooms booked; and you want to be alone in a room: $225
$50 NON-refundable deposit must be received by Aug. 15th; FULL payment for trip must be in to us by Aug. 31st.
Once we have all the deposits, and know exactly how many are going or staying at the hotel, we'll know the exact cost.

ON MORNING OF 9-12, Buses will take us to the staging area for the rally.
AFTER THE PROTEST: We again board the buses at the Capitol and head back to Port Huron, driving thru the night;
arrive Port Huron early Sunday morning, 9-13.

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