912 March Was A Great Moment in America

I attended the 912 March in DC and was absolutely astounded by the numbers of fellow patriots who made their presence known. I have been told that our numbers were being estimated at 1.5 million, and possibly as much as 2 million attendees. During the event at the Capitol, I heard one of the scheduled speakers say that CNN was reporting that they were expecting about one thousand. I think we exceeded their lowball numbers. I was fortunate to get close to the stage at the front of the Capitol and got a look at the crowd surrounding my sister and I, and it was like a sea of people. It didn't seem to end. I also heard that the number of buses that came into the city with protesters was estimated at 450. I felt as if I were floating down Pennsylvania Avenue while walking with all the others who have been waiting for this day. I did not feel at all tired, and did not want it to end. I met so many people at the hotel who were here from all across the country. The shuttle driver at our hotel was a busy man transporting us to the Metro with our signs and enthusiasm. It seemed that the only people staying at our hotel were with any number of patriotic groups growing in this country. They were from as far away as Alaska. As we rode the subway and pulled into stations going into DC, we saw nothing but 912 marchers waiting to get on. I was actually nervous about riding on the subway with my sister and our signs, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Lack of protesters was not a problem. Finding a bathroom without a line 30 people deep was a problem. We were respectful, definitely not an angry mob, and ready to show our love for our country with our presence and our signs. I certainly hope that enough of the media will cover us honestly. But, I doubt it.

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Comment by Carol Apczynski on September 16, 2009 at 11:48am
I just posted my pictures from that day. Take a look!

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