I wonder how many pundits from the left really believe what they preach. It is obvious that some of barak obama's 'alleged' sins are coming out of the closet. Allegations of cover ups, bad judgement, civil and even some criminal infractions are seeing the light of day.  It's like a litany of abuses, civil rights, abuse of power, constitutional, attempted bribery (obamacare) are just a few of the issues that you on the left need to look at honestly.  Of course some of the responses will indicate that the writer is a racist, has no evidence to back his claims, not enough education (no PHD's behind his name) and other accusations that will attempt to demean his intellect. The truth of my comments is beginning to appear in a very reluctant MSM's articles on bo's issues. God gave all of us a particular tool called common sense. It's our decision whether to use it or not. I would welcome any thoughtful, non virel response, We are all Americans that want the best for our country and not a particular party

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