I listened to opening statement of rep Issa and felt that he explained clearly his thoughts on Benghazi.  Then rep Cunningham gave the minorty's point of view, the first minute or two  of  his opening statement stunned me.  I felt at long last here was a democrat that would set aside his liberal philosophy to reach the truth.  He spoke of the courage of the three men that were going to tesify.  He praised them for the way they conducted themselves during the attack at Benghazi.  He stated that questions needed to be answered by people on the ground at the time.  Yes, a minute or two honesty which was nothing but a prelude to one of the most dispicable tyraids I've heard in years.  he spoke of the top military commanders commenting that it would have taken too long to get to the point of attack.  The CIA confirmed it was not a terrorist attack, but there was glaring evidence that the original documenthad stated that it was a terrorist plot.  The impication was the men who tried to get help many times and were refused were......LIARS.  Mr Cunningham dishonored himself, his party and his country!  Those three men served our country with humble valor. and dedication.  It's a sad day in our country when a politican disavows honesty for the sake of a party..  mr obama, mrs clinton, susan rice and a very biased media, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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