A Superior Alternative to Medicaid Expansion in Michigan

          A Superior Alternative to Medicaid Expansion in Michigan -    August 12, 2013


I had the pleasure of attending a seminar in Lansing Michigan, today, regarding an alternative to Medicaid expansion.  Senator Patrick Colbeck, sponsor of Senate Bills 459 and 460, was part of a panel which included Dr. Rob Steele MD,  Dr. Matt McCord MD,  Nancy Jenkins- State Representative, Mr. Avik Roy, Senior Fellow – Manhattan Institute of Policy Research,  Mr. Tom Valenti – Blue Sky Health , a direct primary care service, (http://www.blueskydirect.org/ ) and Dr Josh and Dr. Doug of Atlas, MD (http://atlas.md/wichita/ )  a direct primary care service.


The short version of today’s learning was that there are alternatives to Medicaid expansion that expands access to a higher quality of health care for a lower cost than government run program such as Medicaid.  Approximately 40% of the total cost of today’s health care is consumed by administrative costs.  By eliminating the middlemen of expensive health insurance and the Federal Government, the monthly access fee for normal and preventative medical service is down in the $100 to $150 per month range for an adult.  I would encourage you to visit the web sites above to get a more concise idea of their concepts. Senate Bill 459 is all about the positives of patient centered care and reducing needless costs of large insurance companies, hugely burdensome federal bureaucracies and laborious new coding schemes.  This allows doctors to do what they do best:  taking care of patients and guiding them to wiser health choices while improving care and reducing overall costs.  One of the crowning benefits of Senator Colbeck’s approach is that it will benefit all ten million Michigan citizens and not just the 400,000 extra persons that the Medicaid expansion bill is projected to address. I urge you to contact your own State Representatives and Senators to vote yes on SB 459 and 460.  This vote could come as soon as August 27.


Bob Cushman

Precinct Delegate – Northville Township

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Comment by Tim Reno on August 28, 2013 at 3:19pm

I saw right after I sent that post that the bill passed the Senate. We have a bunch of wimps in Lansing.

Comment by Denis Curran on August 27, 2013 at 11:54pm

If Mr. Colbeck had voted, the result would have been 19-19, a tie. The Lt. Governor would have immediately stepped up, cast the tie breaking vote, and it would have been over right there. By abstaining, the vote was 19-18, which is not a majority (of 38 senators) sufficient to pass the bill, but is not a tie.

I guess the end result was just to increase the price of whatever Mr. Casperson wanted in return for his yes vote. The Republican party leaders have broken their legislative customs in both the state House and Senate to join the Democrats in forcing the Snyder-Caid version of Obamacare on Michigan. We can continue to expect more of the same until we demonstrate that we are willing to boot them out of office. After all, if they were replaced by Democrats, how would the result have been different?

Comment by Tim Reno on August 27, 2013 at 8:46pm

The vote failed for now. Must be that Snyder didn't put enough pressure on those Senators that voted against the bill. I would like to hear Patrick Colbecks reason for not voting. Why can't these people realize they are going to bankrupt our country. Maybe they don't care.

Comment by Bob Cushman on August 15, 2013 at 4:45pm

Great information Denis!


Comment by Denis Curran on August 15, 2013 at 4:33pm

     Republican state senators are going to be gathered at a retreat next week. Reputedly, that is where the real discussion, deal making, and decisions will be made. That leaves the next 6-7 days as the best opportunity to send them a message - later may be a bit late.

Comment by Denis Curran on August 15, 2013 at 5:06am

     Some more information from Monday: All the Democrat state senators are expected to vote yes on Medicaid expansion. They need about eight Republicans to join them in order to pass it. Here are the 'Republican' state senators expected to vote yes:








(maybe) Knofs

Richardville and Kahn are term limited, and Walker is not expected to run, so they are less likely to be responsive to voters' wishes. Casperson, Hansen, and Knofs are thought most likely to be persuadable to vote for SB 459/460 instead.

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