A window into the world of the global alarmist (aka leftist) crowd...meltdown in Copenhagen :)

I encourage each of you to peruse the following site quergeist.info. It provides some insights into how the Global alarmist crowd is reacting to the debacle at Copenhagen and their plans moving forward.

In addition to the plans outlined on the above site and its myriad links, you should know that the UN is working on a Global Climate Situation Room in Gimcheon, South Korea (see attached) with the purpose of sounding the alarm bells of global crisis on the basis of individual climatic events. This SitRoom might seem especially creepy if you have read the book State of Fear by Michael Creighton. They are working on this SitRoom endeavor in cooperation with a consortium of Silicon Valley companies so it has funding and expertise. The related GENIS project is especially creepy as it outlines the creation of an information system designed to assist politicians echo the alarm bell on the environment.

Some of these folk actually believe that they are saving the planet, but the majority are simply interested in reconciling what they perceive to be gross inequity in the distribution of the planet’s resources. While Obama takes care of the redistribution of wealth at the national level, these folks are attempting to do so at the global level.

They are in this for the long haul…we need to be as well.

sitspace.pdfGENIS.pdfFact Sheet Dec-2009.doc

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