Angry about the health care "reform", well vote in this online poll! - AND - HMO hypocrisy.

Here is a great way to register your discontent. The opposition to the health care bill in this (nonscientific) online poll was over 90% when I voted. Email the link to all of your friends. Let's see if we can get it to 99%.

Dems Healthcare reforms partly designed to fix problems caused by (wait for it) Dems!

For many of you, this is not news, but I heard Rush speaking today about how Ted Kennedy helped to create HMOs. How typical it is for liberals to propose a government solution to a problem that they created without so much as an acknowledgment of their former failure.

Apologists for the Left say that there is no hypocrisy in opposing this after they supported it because much has changed since the HMO act of 1973 - I for example am a change that happened since 1973 ; ). What rankles me though is the intellectual dishonesty that the media and the left engage in to hide the origins of the problems they helped to create - there can be no honest debate without accountability.

According to Wikipedia, HMOs were in decline before the Kennedy-authored act with only 40 operating nationwide. So a model of health insurance
that was "saved" and greatly expanded by government in 1973, became
derided by its (former) supporters a generation later as "greedy" and
"profit driven" creations of the private sector.

I am, for the record not for or against HMOs, I happen to be covered by
an HMO myself. They have their benefits and their drawbacks like
anything else. The fact remains that they have unfairly been used to focus anger away from the Democrats' unpopular "reforms".

To see how far Kennedy flip-flopped on this issue, take a look at this article.

Then. . .

Just five years after the HMO Act of 1973 was signed into law, the U.S. Senate Committee on Human
Resources, Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, held a hearing to discuss amending the Act. Following are excerpts from Senator Ted Kennedy's opening
statementat the March 3, 1978 hearing:
"Today the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research holds hearings on proposed amendments to federal statutes supporting the development of health maintenance organizations...These amendments would extend and strengthen current
authorities supporting HMOs in this country.... "As the author of the first HMO bill ever to pass the Senate, I find this spreading support for HMOs truly gratifying. Just a few years ago, proponents
of health maintenance organizations faced bitter opposition from organized medicine. And just a few years ago, congressional advocates of HMOs faced an administration which was
long on HMO rhetoric, but very short on action. "The current revival of the HMO movement should come as no surprise. HMOs have proven themselves again and again to be effective and efficient mechanisms for delivering health care of the highest quality. HMOs cut hospital utilization by an average of 20 to 25 percent compared to the fee-for-service sector. They cut the total cost of health care by anywhere from 10 to 30 percent. And they accomplish these savings without compromising the quality of care they provide their members.

"In fact, many medical experts argue that the peer review built into group practice in the HMO
setting promotes a quality of care superior to that found in the traditional health care system.... "In our enthusiasm to see HMOs proliferate throughout this country we should not lose sight of the need to guarantee the quality and integrity of the prepaid plans we create."1

. . . and Now

On May 15, 2001, Senator Ted Kennedy released a statement regarding the need for an effective
patients' bill of rights to end HMO abuse. Following are excerpts from that press release:

"Today, if your child has a rare congenital heart defect and no specialist in the plan is
equipped to treat it, your [HMO] plan can condemn your child to second rate care from the doctor who happens to be on the plan's list.... "Today, if you have incurable cancer and your best hope of a cure is participation in a clinical trial, your [HMO] plan can deny you access to that trial....

"Today, your doctor can be financially coerced by your HMO into giving you less than optimal

"Today, if you need an expensive drug that is not on your plan's list, the [HMO] plan can make
you pay for it yourself or go without....

"The list goes on and on....

"It is time to end the abuses of managed care that victimize thousands of patients each day. It
is time for doctors and nurses and patients to make medical decisions again, not insurance company accountants. The American people deserve prompt action, and we intend to see that they get it."2

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Comment by Sharon Lollio on March 23, 2010 at 9:17pm
Did the poll George. Thanks for posting it - CBS? Interesting. I love polls! It's all in the wording. When the poll reflected a high number of people demanding health care reform, I couldn't help but wonder if the question included approving Obama's health care reform. No doubt most Americans would say something needs to be done about it, but I do not think they approve this bad bill. A bill his own party knew was bad and would not pass without deals or threats. Sad day in America but not about to give up. In fact, we need to gear up for the next "agenda" item. If we can drag/fight whatever "It" is out for almost a year, by that time the elections will be here. And we had better win enough seats to stop or drastically slow this guy down till 2012.

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