Another email from Mark Schauer - I seem to be on his target list - Kay Bentley

Dear Friend,

Last week I had the privilege of voting to pass the Affordable Health Care for America Act – a bill that will make health care affordable for middle-class families, provide security for seniors, and guarantee access to health insurance coverage for the uninsured while responsibly reducing the federal deficit over the next decade and beyond.

I firmly believe this is the plan we need to fix our broken health care system and get our economy back on track. In our area alone, this landmark legislation has the potential to:

Improve employer-based coverage for 442,000 residents
Provide credits to help pay for coverage for up to 167,000 households.
Improve Medicare for 109,000 beneficiaries, including closing the prescription drug donut hole for 9,600 seniors.
Allow 13,600 small businesses to obtain affordable health care coverage and provide tax credits to help reduce health insurance costs for up to 12,100 small businesses.
Provide coverage for 36,000 uninsured residents.
Protect up to 1,600 families from bankruptcy due to unaffordable health care costs.
Reduce the cost of uncompensated care for hospitals and health care providers by $94 million.
To answer questions about what’s in this bill for you, I have posted a new Health Care Clearinghouse on my website. On this page you’ll find:

A copy of the bill, which has been posted online since October 29
A section-by-section analysis
A fact sheet about how this will impact Michigan families, seniors and small businesses
A list of the top 14 provisions that will take effect immediately under this bill
And a comment form where you can send me your thoughts
After talking to small business owners, workers, doctors and seniors, it’s clear to me that our current health care system is broken. Health costs for small businesses have skyrocketed 129% since 2000, and if we don’t act now, health care costs for average Michigan families will continue to increase by $1,800 each year for the next ten years.

Michigan can’t afford to wait for health insurance reform. By passing this landmark bill, the House has taken an important step towards fixing our broken health care system once and for all.

I am committed to keeping you updated as this process moves forward. In the meantime, I invite you to share your thoughts by sending me an email and filling out my health care survey.


Mark Schauer
Member of Congress

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