Be careful who you send your precious dollars to

I know you guys are probably all link burdened. You are being linked out, link banked and of course there's the "I'm going to get to this link" list.

I just got this from my TEA Party organizer friend in Kalamazoo. It is worth the read. We need to be very careful to invesitigate the groups we are sending our hard earned, and in some cases dwindling, dollars to.

Names don't always reflect the groups mission or identity. Just like many candidates are now sloganing "Conservative and Constitutionalist" to get our approval (Remember "Hope and Change"?) - there are nefarious organizations using words like Patriot, Freedom, American, in their group name to make it seem they are on the same page as us.

Please realize not everyone is above board, or play by fair "rules" when it comes to this election. Not everyone is aiming for the desired outcome we are working towards. It pays to investigate.

I've also been informed today that a candidate in Florida is having a campaign event and attempting to draw numbers by declaring it to be a TEA Party rally.

Be careful, be cautious and be alert. There are wolves in sheeps clothing out there but the sheep this time around, are flocking together to take out the wolves.

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