Big daddy O, more commonly known as  Barack Obama is redefining the role of government in our lives.  He has managed to convince "Mr ntelligent American voter"  that all he has to do is lay back and let BIG and I do mean BIG government take care of him.  Need food, hey come on up to the food stamp line, need medical help, don't worry bou it, we got big daddy Ocare.  Ain't got a phone, we got a lot of them to give away and we'll even give you free minutes.  And once we regulate and fine those evil chains out of business we will be able to give you a lot of things for almost nothing. And, now get this, and we are going to do away with the unhealthy fast foods that are no good for us.  Of course we'll replace them with foods that Mrs Big daddy o think are goood for us. There are a lot more things that we are going to do for you "Mr intelligent American voter", but we won't tell you now cuz we want to make it a surprise, heh, heh. We can tell you that it deals with the constitution.  Oh, you have a question, go ahead I got a minute before tee time. Where do we get the money?  Why from all the rich people of course, that answer your question?  Ok I'll answer one more, but make it quick.  Go ahead, your asking me what happens when the rich people run out of money?  I, a, let's see hmmm, I'll get back to you on that one.  Well gotta go, just remember vote democratic we"ll take care of you, heh heh.

More to come Ed C

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