Passing on this well said letter. Julie
Just wanted to share an email I received yesterday – one man’s thoughts about what went on this past Saturday night...sad event.


Subject: Black Saturday
Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009, 12:58 AM

What we are witnessing tonight, in the chamber of what once was the House of Representatives, is nothing short of a Marxist coup. This is mass treason on the part of those who were elected to represent the people in our capital. They have elected to destroy the very foundations of the nation in their quest for supreme power over the people. Mark Levin's "soft tyranny” is, tonight, to become what might be called hard tyranny or despotism of the worst sort.

President Ronald Reagan brought the USSR to its knees through sound leadership and a dedication to purpose and freedom. Tonight, that awful age of darkness is reborn on American soil and the work of our founding fathers has been destroyed. I weep for my country.

Now, more than ever, true Americans must come together and fight off this cloud misery that has been formed tonight. The names of every member of the House of Marx who voted for the Pelosi/Obama coup must be made known to all and all real Americans must band together to remove these despicable vermin from the halls of congress. There can be no rest and no retreat, no compromise, none.

Sadly, this is the result of the GOP abandoning its principles to become Marxist lite over the past decade. The GOP is filled with RINOs that must be purged if there is to be any chance to save the country. McCain, Grahm, Snow, and all the others which did not follow the lead of President Reagan and reached across the isle to compromise with Satan must be eliminated from the scene and the party. Only those who strictly abide by the constitution are acceptable. Shame on you GOP for you have sold out the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

This damage can and must be corrected at the ballot box, November 2010. True Americans cannot rest from now until then. Every waking moment must be dedicated to eliminating the destroyers of our country from congress.

Remember the American way: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So get up off your easy chair and get your butt in gear and keep it there. This is a war and the only acceptable outcome is victory.

Los Angeles, CA

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