#President #Trump Oval Office Address on #BorderCrisis... Dem response: What crisis? See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

So, let's get this straight. Democrats cry that a few dozen (if that) a year, Blacks - 99% of the time Criminals resisting arrest - killed by Cops is A CRISIS! But, that 4,000 American Citizens have been killed by Illegals in US during Trump's first two years in Office because Democrats have allowed them to flow virtually uninhibited across the Border and protect them in Sanctuary Cities - IS NOT A CRISIS! Funny how Democrats more often then not side with Criminals rather than Law Abiding Americans!

That was a LETTER TO THE EDITOR that I sent to my Local Papers, care to bet they don't dare PRINT IT?!?!? #Liberal #eneMEDIA dare not let #REALITY be reported.

FURTHER.... #FactCheck: #Democrats love to claim #IllegalImmigrants actually commit less crime than #USCitizens (per capita) having ZERO actual study conducted that even remotely suggest such. #PANTSONFIRE - FALSE/LIE, by definition of being #IllegalAlien they have all, 100% of them, BROKE LAW are #Criminals! How many American Citizens you know have committed #BreakingAndEntering and/or #Trespassing (and been given a COMPLETE PASS like #DUMBocrats do for #Illegals)!

As for those MURDERED by illegals all across the Nation, those stories of #AngelFamilies and their lost loved ones, are carefully chronicled by a Group called: The Remembrance Project (you can find them and their tributes (RIP) to many, not all, of those lost, on #FaceBook or visit their WebSite)!

As for the #Liberal #eneMEDIA supposed FACT-CHECKING of President Trump.... They say CRISIS is factually incorrect... That cannot be FACT-CHECKED as it is a MATTER OF OPINION.... BRIT HUME made that same basic point (on Tucker Carlson Show) that CRISIS is a matter of OPINION and the left tries to pretend they can FACT CHECK an OPINION (rate it false) rather than the actual FACTS underlying why someone with half-a-brain would draw such a conclusion (cuz they can't)! The Libtard #eneMEDIA isn't FACT CHECKING they are engaging in SPIN! Another instance of a FACT Trump stated, the TalkingPoint went out and across the Networks it was deemed/repeated - THE STAT WAS MISLEADING (again, SPIN, they absolutely, positively, had zero evidence to cite to demonstrate, counter, disprove, that what was said was NOT FACTUAL so they had to try and imply it)!

Now I will NOT sit here and claim Trump has never lied (we all seen/heard them in the 2016 Primary especially) or exaggerated or flip-flopped on a particular issue or another! This speech, however, was not extemporaneous, was NOT RALLY hyperbole, it was written by a Team of Speechwriters using VERIFABLE GOVERNMENT DATA/NUMBERS! Rest assured, we'll get the same degree of SPIN, not Fact-Checking, during the State Of The Union speech in just a few weeks!

Additionally, the SHEAR HYPOCRISY of Democrats who had Voted FOR #BORDER #BARRIERS as recently as 2006 and 2013! But don't dare show any of their supporters the endless parade of Videos of them decrying Illegal Immigration and how it hurts Americans. That was then, this is NOW (even though nothing has changed but their need to oppose Trump out of #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome)!

Do NOT fall for the same #Democrat LIES again. They say, end the #GovernmentShutdown, they we'll deal with #BorderSecurity. Same old lies previous #AMNESTY was granted on and #BorderBarriers and other monies they promised NEVER HAPPENED. #KeepTheGovernmentShutdown  Despite spewing the term BIPARTISAN every other day, they demostrate they are LIARS and have zero intention of reaching any BiPartisan Deal regarding Immigration Reform.

Lastly, long before 2011, officially put it in writing then, I DEMANDED #Republicans pass #EssenatialGovernmentServicesACT for such time as now WHEN (not IF) next #GovernmentShutdown happened... see:  "STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING!! (That means you House #GOP": http://rattlewithus.ning.com/forum/topics/stop-talking-start-legisl...

This article cross-posted at/on #B4IN: https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/immigration/2019/2459396.html

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