Call ALL the Congress ASAP! Tell them: Just Say NO to Debt!

Tell our Congress: Just Say No to Debt!

There are few battles that our GOP House can hope to win without the approval of a Democratic Senate and President. One thing they can control is the raising of the debt limit. If they say no, the debt limit cannot be raised. Therefore, I urge us all to do whatever we can to exhort the House to stand fast and just say no to any more debt.

The more timid of our Representatives will say, “If we don’t raise the debt limit, the sky will fall! No one will lend us money. Interest rates will rise. The stock market will plummet. People won’t get their unemployment, welfare, or Social Security checks. We will be plunged into a depression that will far exceed what we have already suffered.”

Who knows? They may be right. Let’s say they are. First, it would be a good thing if no one would lend our government money. If we couldn’t borrow more, we wouldn’t go further into debt which was the point of us not raising the debt ceiling in the first place.

Second, if interest rates rise, maybe the government would circumvent the Federal Reserve and just print greenbacks. That would at least save us paying any interest whatsoever on the worthless paper being printed. Also, it would force us to not borrow domestically but rather save and pay cash instead—a novel idea, granted, but one that would do much to make our economy healthier in the long run.

Third, the stock market might crash. Yet, when the stock market took its worst crash ever in the early 1920’s (This is little known. The politicians wouldn’t want you to know about it because the solution involved eliminating their two favorite re-election vehicles: more tax money with which to reward their constituents and donors and more vote-getter spending programs), it rebounded to spectacular heights within a few years. Why? Because the government cut spending and taxes in half. We are not talking about anything that drastic. We are not talking about cutting taxes and the 1.5 trillion that we could not borrow is only 43% of our budget. Coincidentally, that is the amount of our budget that is being used to pay the interest on our debt. So, if we just stopped paying interest—if we defaulted, we wouldn’t have to cut anyone’s sacred cow domestic program at all.

Fourth, US banks could get hurt if they have been investing heavily in government bonds and notes. So be it. It serves them right. They could have been investing in and lending to US businesses but instead they’ve been playing it safe while our economy tanks. If they’re going to act that way, what good are they to us anyway?

Fifth, the government may choose not to continue to fund our domestic programs. However, there would be no necessity for people not to get their welfare, unemployment, and Social Security checks. If the politicians choose to fund our programs and repudiate the debt, there is plenty of money for domestic spending. Yet, they may choose to punish us for taking away some of their money and limiting their power. Local politicians are fond of cutting police and fire services first if we don’t go along with their most recent demand for money even though they would have hundreds of other ways to save money that would not put us at risk. It would not be surprising if national politicians would behave the same. If they do that to us, we should punish them right back in 2012 by putting them out of office.

So let’s get busy. This vote will be taken by mid-May. We need to get our Representatives to commit to vote against increasing the debt ceiling ASAP. We will have the most clout with our Michigan Reps. Tim Walberg and Thaddeus McCotter are near by. Let’s go after them, call their offices and demand to know if they will vote no. If not, pester them until they agree. We need lots of calls on lots of days to get this done. We need calls across the state and then across the nation.

There are a few Reps on board with us. Off hand, I know that Justin Amash from MI, Mike Lee, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pence, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann are on board. We should be calling them and patting them on the back for their courageous stand on this issue. Find out from them who else is on our side and encourage them as well. Find out who are the ones on the fence whom we might sway. Then go after them. Please keep me posted on what you learn.

Recruit anyone who will listen. Tell your friends, family, allies, compatriots, GOPs, tea parties, and liberty groups. This is a national campaign worth winning. This may be the only national fight worth waging until the battle to defeat Obama in 2012. Please give of yourself what you can in the coming weeks to help us save our wonderful county.

Please keep me posted on commitments and connections. We’ll try to keep an updated score card on Go to the Home Page and click on the heading “No to Debt”. It gives a scorecard of which Reps are with us. It says we have 142 no votes. We need at least 220, which means we need to convert almost all of the undecideds and conditionals to carry this vote.
We need to call every Congressman we can and pester them until we get their support.

Keep me posted and I’ll send email updates as we get them. Don’t stop! Keep calling until we have the votes.

We have achieved wondrous things this last year. Let’s do it one more time!

I am buoyed, proud, and grateful to have you at my side as we strive once again to restore our land of the free.


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Comment by Denis Curran on July 4, 2011 at 6:27am

Excerpted from


Tea Party activists split on debt ceiling strategy
By Erik Wasson - 07/04/11 05:24 AM ET

Tea Party activists are split between opposing any new increase to the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling and tying an increase to spending cuts, caps and a balanced budget amendment.

On one side is the Tea Party Patriots group, which is urging its supporters to sign a “no debt increase” pledge. On the other side are Tea Party-related groups with significant GOP establishment backing such as FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity. Tea Party Express has joined this side.


FreedomWorks spokesperson Adam Brandon said that even if the cut, cap and balance framework is adopted by Aug. 2, the long term debt problem will still need to be addressed with specific policies. This is the reason for the debt commission.

He said there is no “unified” Tea Party debt ceiling position although the activists agree in prioritizing shrinking the deficit. Brandon said the Tea Party Patriots position of “just say no” is flawed. “I just don’t think it is very realistic,” he said.

He noted that breaching the debt ceiling would mean an overnight cut in federal spending of 40 percent. Using the debt ceiling to get items like a balanced budget amendment would be a “sea change” in public policy, however, he added.


The approaches contrast with that of the Tea Party Patriots. In a flurry of emails to supporters, the Patriots are urging a “no debt ceiling” increase stance by linking to

“The politicians try to scare the American people by using rhetoric like "draconian cuts," but imagine how "draconian" the cuts will be when our creditors decide suddenly to stop lending us money. Forty cents of every federal dollar is borrowed. Either we cut spending our way, or our creditors will force us to do it their way. Which way do you prefer?” one email stated.


Full article at:

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