Folks, last Friday the townspeople of Standish, Michigan met with their City Council and insisted the Council not approve and sign a resolution welcoming 200 Gitmo detainees to U.S. soil, and to their Maximum Security Prison, which will be empty October 31st. The City Council tabled the resolution and then announced over this week-end they would convene and emergency City Council meeting today to pass the resolution. Clearly somebody is putting a lot of pressure on them from either the Governor's office or the Obama administration.

The Federal government has gone around our state legislature straight to this town to broker a deal to welcome the "rockstars" of terrorism to our shores and to our state. The ACLU is drooling at this and has already set-up a team to hit Standish the moment these detainees land there. The ACLU will demand these "ENEMY COMBATANTS" get all the rights afforded to a U.S. citizen, including visitation rights. Once they get visitation rights, plans will be made with cells inside the U.S. and the probability children will be targeted escalates enormously (Google Beslan, Russia 2004). This is not fear-mongering, since we already have hundreds of examples of schools which were hit in the same way.

What Homeland Security and the FBI haven't announced is that they are monitoring cells in the U.S., but they HAVE NOT LOCATED ALL THE CELLS.

al Qaeda and the Taliban have attacked hundreds of schools in Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan, because they know our children are our most precious assets. They also target schools with middle-school age kids, because high schools usually have too much security, and more male teachers and administrators.

In Beslan, Russia the men and boys were told to set-up tables and chairs as barricades, and then they were taken to a room and shot. The girls were raped repeatedly over the three day ordeal. In the end over 300 were dead, 185 were children.

They also target middle-schools because the girls are old enough to rape and not old enough to fight back. These attacks are made in an effort to get their friends released from prisons.

If the Gitmo prisoners land on U.S. soil and get visitation rights, it will not be a matter of if this will occur here . . . it will be a matter of when.

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal clarifying the complexity of trying these detainees on U.S. soil.

Please folks call your reps, senators, radio talk-shows and the governor's office and let them know this is not just a decision for the little town of Standish to make. This decision must be made by responsible people accross the U.S.A., since bringing these Gitmo detainees will paint a target on the whole country.

These detainees should stay in Gitmo, where they are out of site and out of mind for their jihadist friends. They should stay there until the end of the hostilities as prescribed by the Geneva Convention. Attornet General Eric Holder also admitted the Gitmo prison is safe and exceeds Geneva Conventions standards. THEY DO NOT BELONG ON U.S. soil! Please consider the safety of our children and call today!

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