Cathy T's Great Report on Glenn Beck's Progressive Analysis

If you’re paying attention to what’s coming out of Washington DC and continually think, “This just doesn’t make sense,” most likely it’s because you’re trying to make sense of what’s happening using the thought process most Americans use rather than that of Washington Progressive leaders. We can better understand Washington leaders if we understand their thought process.

Regular Americans


1. Our Current system is unsustainable

2. Free Market Solutions

3. Small Government--look to Founding Fathers and Original Intent of Constitution.

Washington DC Progressive Leaders

(The Elite who make policy decisions)

1. Our current system is unsustainable

2. Redistribution of Wealth

3. Big Government--Need to create Global Government

Here’s an example: BP has an oil spill. Instead of just working to stop/clean up the BP spill, Obama imposes a moratorium on drilling in the U.S. in spite of the court rulings against him. The result: thousands of jobs are lost in Louisiana and the U.S. becomes more dependent on foreign oil at higher prices. Most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, think this just doesn’t make sense. Why would he do that?

It makes more sense if you look at it through the Progressive leader’s eyes: Obama responds to the BP oil spill by placing a moratorium on drilling in the U.S. At the same time he places the moratorium, he’s sending your tax dollars ($4 billion) to Mexico and Brazil, respectively, to do the SAME kind of drilling he just banned in the U.S. The direct result is America permanently loses jobs and the economy goes down. As a result, Mexico and Brazil are wealthier because it lifts their economy up.

You wonder, “How does this help America?” Redistribution of YOUR wealth doesn’t help America, at least through our eyes. But, if viewed through Progressive’s redistribution-of-wealth eyes, it does. Obama’s big government solution helps poor countries around the globe and helps create global government (global governance). This redistribution of your wealth does not help America’s poor; it wasn’t meant to. Helping America is not the goal of Progressives. To most Americans, the decision equals failure. However, to the administration, this decision equals success.

According to Progressives, America poses a danger to the planet, so we must send money to Brazil and Mexico because we are hurting the planet. It’s our duty to send money to other places, i.e. the tropical forests, to make them wealthier. The redistribution of our wealth is necessary to make up for the perceived damage we’ve done to the planet.

Contrary to the Inconvention Truth of Al Gore, we have not caused damage and should not make atonement. Redistribution of our wealth is NOT going to the poor; it’s going to leaders of under-developed countries. These are leaders who believe in a one-world order, a global government. The Obama administration is using our free market system to de-develop (their own words) the U.S.

Redistribution of wealth forces jobs to poor countries and steals jobs from the U.S. We create the demand, they make the product, and we buy it. Our wealth is redistributed to other nations. GM is currently redistributing our wealth by taking $500 million and building a plant in Mexico--not the U.S. GM is owned by the UAW (leadership) and the government. They don’t really care about the U.S. workers. If you follow the same logic as the BP example, you see how it makes sense using the Progressive logic but doesn’t make sense using American logic.

The government ties our hands so we must buy products from Mexico, Brazil, etc. We send them our money – redistributing the wealth from the U.S. This is redistribution of wealth--NOT saving the planet as they would have us believe.As time goes on, we’ll no longer have money to lift ourselves out of problems. As more and more of our wealth is redistributed, our finances and lifestyle deteriorate. Eventually our wealth will be GONE!

Please evaluate what your values are vs. union leader’s values. Union leader values should be about rights of American workers, NOT 3rd world workers. The rank and file union workers are great, but the leadership has changed. They used to protect American workers; now, they’re promoting global unions. It’s time to demand that they represent you. It’s time to demand that their slogan be “Put America to Work” not “Workers of the World Unite!”

Obama is attempting to get religious leaders to convince their congregations how wonderful Obamacare (“social justice”) is. When big government and religion join together, it always ends badly. The flow to solve problems should be: YOU go to your CHURCH and pray together to find a SOLUTION. If you can’t find a solution, then and only then, Americans turn to the GOVERNMENT for solutions. The proper order is: You—Church—Solution—Government.

Now, GOVERNMENT creates or defines a problem and, without your input, they define the SOLUTION. The government then goes to CHURCH leaders asking their help to convince YOU their solution is the ONLY solution. (Healthcare comes to mind). They think the proper order is:


It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. Progressives include George Bush, Obama, and both Clintons. Our choices in recent years have been limited because we’ve been offered Progressive or Progressive Light. It’s been going on for many, many years. Generally speaking, America has been asleep, not aware of what is going on and the freedoms we’re losing. The more the government controls, the less freedom America has. Government control is on steroids right now with no checks or balances. If this redistribution of our wealth continues, we will lose the America we grew up in and become a third world country. That’s the goal of the Progressives.

Woodrow Wilson was the first Progressive, over 100 years ago. This is not a new movement. They’ve been persistent and very patient. They’re in control now. The Progressive goal is to place so many people on welfare that our free market system will fail. They’re currently trying to convince Americans that the free market system is broke. They’re doing their best to destroy the free market system and to put socialism in its place.

Bill’s editorial: Obama and his Marxist tsars are working as fast as possible through Congress and behind their backs and through the UN to take every one of our remaining freedoms away from us. Let’s make sure they don’t succeed.

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Comment by patriotm1 on October 3, 2010 at 9:39pm
Yep. (sigh). There's a lot of work and protecting to do.
Just when did it become fashionable to be communist or Marxist? They used to be regularly rousted out as security threats. So what's changed?

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