Changes in the defintion of Marriage

It appears likely that the traditional definition of marriage is about to become obsolete.  The new definition will allow ANY two indivduals to marry and be entitled to federal benefits.  I don't paricularly care if homosexuals get hooked up if they care about each other, I don't think it's right, but that's not my call.  What does get my blood boiling is the use of the word marraige,  When I hear that word I see a woman in a church walking down the aisle and her husband to be,waiting for her.  They are in a place of worship to be married and blessed by God.  Don't get me wrong I'm not some sort of religious fanatic and I sure as hell am not second guessing God.  From what I am hearing I believe there are two major factors in play for all the ruckus.  Gay couples want the same benefits as a traditional married couple.  Probably the best solution would be to add that wording into a civil union a gay couple the same benefits.  The title of the document might be called a Certificat of Civil Union   The other factor pertains to the word marriage which I addressed in the opening of my post, I do believe that there are some gay couples that would like to be married in a church by a minister to add a religious flavor to the ceremony.   If they could find a minister to join them together, no objections.  But what I fear is a mandate that all churches and ministers must marry same sex couples.  I also fear a pandors's box may soon be opening.  But that is for another discusion All and con are welcome.

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Comment by ed cassi on March 28, 2013 at 11:22pm

Thank you for your comment, Should prop8 fail politicians and courts better be ready to deal with same sex couples adopotion rights, I'm pretty certain that issue looms in the not so distant future.  Picture a 3rd grader tell ing a teacher he has two fathers or two mothers.  I mean no disrespect to single parents who raise a child on their own and I applaud them.  However many studies on child development agree that a father nurtures a child differently than a mother;. and that both methods are equally needed. Some gays say they want marriaige rights because  they love their partner, but what if they love more than one partner.  If love is the main reason for wanting a marraige, would it be out of the question to make polegamy legal?  And it once again puts a child on the spot.  Alot more could be said about this matter.

Comment by Austin J Mulka on March 28, 2013 at 3:20pm

I completely agree. Moreover, when you change the definition of Marriage from reproduction to love, it changes the rules for everyone not just same sex couples. For example, in Switzerland, a brother and sister want to get married, and they argue it's no different than same sex couples, there's people who want to marry their animals men that want to have legal rights to have sex with boys, ( If you change from reproduction to love, anything goes.  

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