Check out and take part in this website. It is a great idea!

I found out about this website and find it a wonderful answer to the willful ignorance coming out of Washington. I have included the website address for anyone to cut and paste. Below is an explanation from the website's founder, Wayne Ostrander.

Pick a piece of legislation or two if you feel ambitious today
use the last three of your SS# or any number that comes to mind and download the pdf of the legislation. Read the page coresponding to your number and post a short analysis of the page under the page heading. If the isnt a page heading yet, the just label your post as the page number.
Right now I have a couple bills posted to beta test but I want to be ready when the healthcare bill comes back around again and they only give us a few hours to get the info back out..

Sample post:

Page 200
Govt to tax tornado's and mobile homes.
Please post under the bill youre reading and use the blog section for commentary.
Again I am humbled by the experience and thank you
Wayne Ostrander

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