Mark Ouimet, in my response to my and your emails, called me today to explain that he had been asked to make remarks about Martin Luther King in Chelsea as he had done for the last 6 years on MLK’s birthday and he agreed. He was asked if he would like to participate in the Muslim discussions and he declined. He made his opening remarks and he promptly left without further participation. In fairness, this was the first year that they had done the Muslim symposium and this was a new format for Mark. Hopefully, better choices will be made next year.

I apologize to Mark for not talking to him about this first before I sent out notices to all of you. Mark has always been responsive and helpful to our TP when we have called upon him. He deserved better treatment from me than I gave him. To the extent that my remarks mischaracterized Mark’s participation and misled you, you and he have my deepest apologies.


Bill Bigler

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