There are several things that I am disapointed about such as, our right to smoke in public being taken away, to me that is rediculous I think we have a little bigger fish to fry, why was our governer waisting time on that when people cant even afford cigaretts. We dont have jobs in Michigan should'nt we be working on that instead .Another thing, The fact that the news and radio clearly stated that there poles said that the number of people that are against the bailout and obama care had a huge lead on those that support them. Yet they were still passed. You can't tell me that senate and congress don't see these poles. Im tired of the people not being heard. That was clearly steping on the people in america. Taxes being another issue, our money is tossed in to a hole of buisnesses that fail. Instead of bailing out failing buisness, why don't we put that money in to education and educate our kids to not be idiots like the people that run the US these days. We need to drive this nonsense out of office and get people that can do the job right and think about what the people want. We the people need to wake up to this.

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