December 16, 2009

Laura's E-Blast
December 16, 2009


Sen. Joe Lieberman has officially begun his walk of shame back to his former party on the issue of healthcare. Sen. Ben Nelson seems ready to cave with new abortion language in the bill. And Pres. Obama crowed that they were closer than ever to making "history" (because that's always most important in Land-Obama).

This process has been a farce from the beginning--from the shakedown of Pharma to the buying-off of AARP to the White House Wardrobe Dept. passing out lab coats.

At this point many in the loyal opposition might be feeling compelled to throw in the towel. Yet this is the last thing we should do. A strong majority of the country dislikes what the Dems are doing--we are the majority! The tyrannical cramdown of this legislation and other horrid bills like it (get ready for immigration amnesty) will backfire big time next November, so we must keep the momentum building for a return to a fiscally and morally responsible government. If you didn't catch my speech at the Code Red Rally, I hope you will take a few moments to watch it now. Power to the People.

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