#Liberal #Judicial #Activism OverReach again in #Michigan. Nearly 2 dozen #Mich #Districts ORDERED redrawn & new/Special Elections (in some cases)! What #MILeg response should be....

I had someone asking via Twitter about the "Gerrymandering" Ruling & asked what we should do.... well... my response...

#Liberal #Judicial #Activism and OverReach again in #Michigan. #MI 3 #Judge panel #ORDERS nearly 2 dozen #Mich #Districts be redrawn and new/Special Elections (in some cases)! What #MILeg response should be....

Coincidentally, I was @ a forum discussion (well, was #GrassrootsUSA sponsored #PizzaAndPolitics in #Lansing (#Michigans #Capital for those who may not know) and Panel they had gathered to discuss various topics touched on it) on this just tonight (and they usual insiders moaned about appealing but likely CAVING)! We have to respond in kind when #Libtards play these games. ReDraw them almost exactly the same (dare the court to do a damn thing over it) & send to Court (bypassing Dem Gov, cuz its a Court, not traditional, regular-order/process, legislative matter) & suckering DemGov #Whitless and Dem AG into suing/appealing having been bypassed as a result of the Court over-reach and meddling in the process. Dragging past 2020 (leaving Districts in place for 2020).

Plus, given AntiGerrymandering Ballot initiative being passed in 2018 by Michigan Voters (for detailed discussion on that - see: #Michigan #Prop2 - Will NOT end GerryMandering of Congressional Districts... at http://rattlewithus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/michigan-2018-prop2), is the Legislature actually now the proper place to be reDrawn?!?!? The supposed "experts" didn't even bother to mention it.... Should not the new, bogus, PANEL of People that is ORDERED to be formed by that Constitutional Amendment be the proper place for the Districts Drawings?!?!? Seems to me, at least, yet another chance to muddy the waters and drag the issue out!!!! Though we'd rather prefer to avoid letting that sham committee, likely to be packed with Liberals/Democrats (by hook or by crook, part of the whole reason the Left pushed the initiative, it is/was never about anti-Gerrymandering but all about whether Liberals can (again, by hook/crook) get control of it away from #GOP controlled #MILeg)!

Unfortunately, most #MIGOP in #Lansing are #RINOs/#CINOs and are #MORONS (zero creativity, imagination, ability to think outside the box, any long-term strategic thinking/planning/actions, or willingness to stick it back to Dems, just pretending to stand on any PRINCIPLES, always making EXCUSES why they KNUCKLE-UNDER (are you beginning to suspect I have major DISDAIN for #Establishment Hack RINOs/CINOs?!?!? lol)) and/or have #NOBALLS!

Yes, the Liberal Judicial Activists on that Court will then attempt to draw the Districts, way over-bounds, far outside their authority, which we will easily win said challenge at #SCOTUS (and, again, at least getting a stay leaving Districts in place for 2020 and avoiding the 2020 Special Elections as it drags out if we don't get a Ruling in Time (as, obviously, Districts have to be in place long before Election Day in order for Candidates to be able to Declare/File/Run, Ballots printed, Ballot casting locations potentially needing be reworked, etc...) or even if/when we'd somehow lose we'd be well past able to do anything for 2020 and would have to ReDistrict those and potentially more after #Census for 2022 or 2024 and hopefully have the #MIGov, #MIAG, and #MISOS, back in #MIGOP hands again after 2022 Elections).


Yes, I know, the old "with Honey" adage! Obviously, by my language/tone, I'm not making many #Friends in #Lansing #Michigan - but as a #REAL #CONSERVATIVE and a #PLATFORM #REPUBLICAN it is safe to say they weren't going to be my Friend anyway (my intent is to work with my real Friends and try to rile up Michiganders that stay silent far too often into DEMANDING CHANGE/RESULTS for the Votes our Reps keep asking for, ney, demanding, "but you can't let that other person who is clearly worse" get elected threats, while never actually EARNING our Votes by keeping any promises they make to us!

Rarely, frankly it seems like almost never, do they bother to listen to what the BASE has to say and/or wants (like a #GasTax increase after 80% defeat of Ballot initiative to raise them. Constant FAILURE to do #AutoInsuranceReform with complete control of Lansing because they insist on Comprehensive Bill complete with Poison pills (cuz many #RINOs enjoy the InsCoLobbyist and/or, even-moreso, TrialLawyers', money stream coming their way and work (sabotage) to keep the stats-quo) they know won't pass rather than do a couple/separate one page Bills of/for just one part of the overall issue but would still partially lower Rates (some, better than none) they insist EVERYONE agrees on (yet, again, they refuse to put forth and Pass! Constant excuses, that's not how its done, its always been done this way, BULLSHIT OMNIBUS/overComplex/Comprehensive Bills has not always been done and what about all those promises of INSISTING ON CHANGING THE STATUS QUO (empty rhetoric)). COWARDLY FAILING on any follow-up to all the Voting issues (we've known about forever but) the #JillStein recount FULLY EXPOSED FOR ALL TO SEE (afraid of being called names addressing the Cities most exposed as INCOMPETENT AT BEST and out-right engaging in #VoterFraud (and then they'll acted SHOCKED when we see more of it in 2020)). etc... Need I really go on?!?!?).

From the Detroit Free Press....  "Today, this court joins the growing chorus of federal courts that have, in recent years, held that partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional," said the opinion signed by Circuit Judge Eric Clay, who was appointed by former Democratic President Bill Clinton"... more: https://www.freep.com/story/news/politics/2019/04/25/gerrymandering...

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