Do nothing Senate still fails to pass Budget, so it's Continuing Resolution time again!

Here we go again. The Democrat controlled Senate forces yet another Continuing Resolution (CR) discussion and threats of a Government Shutdown! Which again brings up all those questions of Base-line Budgeting and conveniently forgetting those Debt Ceiling "compromise" promises to cut, um, "reduce," spending by anything and ram through more, and more, and more Government largess.

We have been here before and as long as Democrats control either portion of the Congress we will be here again. So, I urge you to demand (AGAIN) the passage of the following...

from STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING! ("Contrast for America"):

Essential Government Services Act
This Bill MUST be designed/developed and passed BEFORE the next Budget, Debt Ceiling, etc... crisis comes along to REMOVE any Demoncrat demagogy of the issues of what Government Services and Processes/Procedures remain in effect should (yeah right, when an eventual) GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN occur. No longer can the Democrats claim troops wouldn't be paid, because payment to them would be assured under the Act. No longer would they claim Seniors wouldn't get Social Security checks, because those being cut/sent would also be assured. Grossly reduced (say, 10% funding levels) to most Departments would be allowed to keep the Building lights on and Security Personnel to Guard them while their Staffs' would be furloughed! What else would/should be defined in such an Act?!?!

Use the The Tea Party Network - Online Resource Center automated system to send your Representatives a Letter to:
"Stop the Spending Spree"
"Balance The Budget"
debate the Connie Mack "1% Solution" to Debt reduction
and more...

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As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from "NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)"
"Remember, Liberals - looking to do for America, what they've done to Detroit. - Destroy it!"
"I think, therefore I am Conservative"
"Conservative by choice, Republican by necessity"
"The more things 'hope and change' the more they stay the same"
"You can lead a Liberal to the Truth (Facts), but you cannot make them THINK!"
"Romney (No, not my first choice) does NOT have a MORMON problem. He has a, far too many Americans; these days; are MORONS problem!"
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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on December 17, 2011 at 6:18am

Wow, here's more great work (sarcasm) by the GOP House/Senate Leadership. To get the following for 2 months and putting it right back into the forefront during the 2012 campaign and therefore to allow the Demoncrats BS to demagouge the issue with the 'Republicans only really want Tax cuts for the wealthy" BS and/or to put forth a CINO concept that Democrats are for Tax Cuts (yeah, right, tax pandering to those who already don't pay Federal Income Tax). Yes, the Keystone pipeline aspect is wonderful, but Obama wanted it anyway to placate his Union base and NOW the GOP gives Obama the excuse to give his Enviro-whacko base that it was forced on him (the usual, talking out of both sides of his hind-side).....

see the whole YahooNEWS/Reuters story at:

Divided lawmakers muster modest tax deal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Deeply divided U.S. lawmakers on Friday eked out an agreement to extend payroll tax cuts for just two months, and only after Democrats bowed to Republican demands on a controversial oil pipeline.

The deal, which still needs approval of the full Senate and House of Representatives, fell far short of President Barack Obama's push for a one-year extension of the tax relief and long-term unemployed benefits to boost the country's fragile economic recovery.

The surprisingly modest accord will likely do nothing to dispel concerns of American voters and investors of deep dysfunction in the U.S. capital. It also creates more uncertainty about Washington's ability to steer the nation through global economic turbulence.

Partisan rancor has derailed efforts to forge a deficit reduction plan, brought the government to the brink of a shutdown three times this year and led to a downgrade of by Standard & Poor's of the United States' coveted AAA credit rating in August.

Democrats did not come close to getting the legislation they initially sought, but they put a brave face on the deal they agreed to, saying it gives them another opportunity early next year to fight for a payroll tax cut for wage earners and tax hikes on the wealthy to pay for it -- two arguments that play well with Democratic voters.

It was not clear how Friday's deal would affect Obama, but he has faced persistent criticism from his base of liberal-leaning voters for caving in to Republican demands on policy issues ranging from tax hikes and spending cuts to environmental protections.


Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on December 16, 2011 at 1:10pm

Well it appears that the DO NOTHING SENATE Democrats have finally dislodged their heads from their hind-sides and agreed to the last of the SEVERAL FY2012 (ends actual Calendar, Sept. 2012) Omnibus Appropriations Bills and sent it (at the very last minute, again; they always pull this BS; as the latest CR, the seventh in a row, was to expire in less than 24 hours) to the House so as to avoid the need for an eighth CR; CR's spanning more than two years; or have a Government Shutdown! These Omnibus Appropriations Bills "supposedly" have "reductions" in them from the FY2011 Budget (remember those pitiful little Debt Ceiling "reductions" compromises - forget the Stupid, er, Super Committee failure auto-triggered "cuts" those are ignored entirely until later), but we'll have to see over the next few days just what these "supposed" reductions are, but you can be certain they won't be real/actual "CUTS" to anything. This paves the way, if the POTUS signs these Bills, for the Congress to FINALLY be caught up from all the back-loaded Budget business of the last Democrat controlled House and still Democrat controlled Senate and to move onto the FY2013 Budgets (where we can start this bull all over again), at least where the Legislative calendar is supposed to be at! Rest assured, the same tired "Do Nothing Republicans" rhetoric will come from House Democrats to bolster Obama's re-election strategy will be flying but, to anyone that bothers to tune into C-SPAN can readily see, it was the DO NOTHING DEMOCRAT SENATE that has been holding up the business of the U.S. Congress all this year. The House passed Bill after Bill that sat in the Senate then, of course, after waiting until the last minute to see if the Government Shutdown threats would get the Republican House to cave into yet higher Spending levels, the Senate Democrats saw they would NOT get Public opinion on their side forcing a Shutdown or yet another CR and FINALLY did their jobs!

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