This latest snow storm has brought an interesting fact to the forefront; shutting DC down is saving us tons of money!

Everyday these politicians are out of office, we save money. They are not in the Capital building contriving new and exciting ways to separate the American people from their hard earned dollars.

I think I see a pattern emerging. Maybe we should give these people more time off (un-paid of course)

Let’s start by trimming two weeks a year until they reach the point where they are in DC just for the month of January and again in June.
They can turn in their travel expense reports for reimbursement and we’ll allow them a per diem for the stay in DC which would cover moderate hotel accommodations and meals.

Their salary will be commensurate with the national average attorney’s for the months they are in DC and we will protect their day jobs while they are doing their civic duty.

They’re retirement plan will consist of the same Social Security and Medicare system that we have to use, maybe they will fix it then or find a better system that we can all live with.

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