Defeating Obama - A Strategy to Demoralize His Supporters by Demonstrating His Extremism

I am sending the following letter, with minor adjustments, to campaigns for Congress in battleground states and neighboring states that share the same television media markets:

Dear Campaign Manager,

I represent a consortium of independent candidates dedicated to the defeat of Barack Obama.  I  am forwarding below a fundraising letter that I've been sending to friends.  It begins with a relatively brief summary of what we are all about, followed by my more detailed appeal, and then the material supplied by my organization.  We have several websites, including, and  These explain in detail our innovative strategy that takes full advantage of federal election law and FCC regulations.  We are focused on causing voter revulsion among Obama's Catholic and Evangelical supporters by showing the aborted bodies of his victims.  We believe this will cause sufficient reduction in his swing state numbers that it could cost him the election.  I directly address the discomfort this approach causes among some pro-life people in my appeal, as does our leader, Randall Terry, in three video messages on his website (the static images are pasted in below).  Additional material provided by Mrs. Terry, mother of their four small boys, all ten and under, will be coming soon to deal with objections some people may have about the possible effects of these ads on small children and how to deal with them.  Some of our TV ads can be viewed on the above websites.  As a candidate organization we can do and say things that individuals, 501c3 organizations and even Super PACs cannot.  We have limited funds for a campaign that relies on a rather expensive medium but are hoping to join forces with federal candidates who share our objectives.  I hope that will include you.  I think you will find these materials worthwhile.  Please give them a fair viewing. 

Thank you very much for your consideration.

All the best,
Al Lemmo

P.S.  Our phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.  If you have any questions please call and ask for me or Randall Terry.  Thanks again.

Greetings from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, almost Heaven as John Denver put it.

First, a brief summary of what follows:


I'm working with pro-life champion Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, and his team, to defeat Obama by implementing Randall's innovative strategy. 

Namely, we are utilizing federal election law and FCC regulations that require television stations to broadcast the ads of federal candidates without editing or censorship

They cannot refuse the ads; it's the law!  Therefore, we will target the swing states with graphic ads showing what abortion is and does, that will obliterate all the abstractions and lies and cause voter revulsion against Obama, especially among those Catholics and Evangelicals who were foolish enough to vote for Obama in 2008. 

Randall is on the ballot for Congress in south Florida (District 20) from which he can reach half the population of the state.  He has five other congressional candidates running in Iowa, Kentucky and Illinois from which their ads will also reach the swing states of Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. 

Randall is also on the ballot for president in three “safe states” for Romney – West Virginia, Kentucky and Nebraska – which Romney will win by double digits, so that Randall can't possibly draw enough votes from Romney to do any harm.  But by running in these “safe states” Randall’s ads will reach Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina and the possible swing state of Pennsylvania.

The most incredible part is that he can compel stations in Denver and Washington, D.C. (among other places) where he is not even on the ballot to run his ads because they reach parts of Nebraska and West Virginia, respectively, where he is on the ballot.  This gives him coverage of nearly all of the swing states of Colorado and Virginia.  And he cannot draw votes from Romney in any of the swing states since he is not on their ballots! 

The greatest need right now is funding for the ads.  We just purchased $90,000 worth of ads in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Washington DC.  We emptied the accounts, in our first serious blast against Obama.

Please help us out by becoming one of our donors and enlisting the aid of other pro-life Americans.  To support all 7 campaigns, donate at

Thank you in advance for your generosity and may God bless you!

Al Lemmo


(Below is a letter I am sending far and wide, explaining why I gave $17,500 toward this effort.  I hope you join me in this sacred mission.)




Fellow American:


Although I am retired and by no means wealthy, I recently gave $17,500 to these pro-life, federal candidates, the maximum permitted by law.  I humbly ask you to consider my motivations and then to join me in giving.  I also ask you to consider enlisting others to help these dedicated warriors.  Please respond to this plea and pass this letter on.

I arrived at pro-life champion Randall Terry's West Virginia campaign headquarters late on Saturday September 15th after an all-day drive from Michigan.  I had made a slight detour to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania where ordinary Americans died fighting to prevent further devastation on September 11th, 2001. 

I ask you to consider today what sacrifices are called for to prevent further devastation from prenatal child-slaying, which the present administration, obsessed with this abomination, is carrying even beyond our borders in history's most egregious campaign of cultural imperialism.  Obama isn't just forcing abortion on Americans, in violation of our rights of religious conscience.  He is forcing it on millions more people around the world, polluting innocent pro-life cultures that rightfully resent it.  His ham-handed foreign policy is provoking anti-American sentiment and undermining our nation's moral standing that was once a shining example to the world.  Like others who subscribe to the alien and murderous philosophy that the fundamental human right to life is granted or denied to the powerless by the powerful, rather than being God-given to all, he suffers from moral and intellectual deficiencies which stunt his ability to identify with the prenatal child as one of us. 

The Use of Graphic Images…

On Monday September 17th I visited Antietam National Battlefield in western Maryland on the 150th anniversary of the pivotal battle that led directly to the Emancipation Proclamation and America's rebirth of freedom that President Lincoln would speak of the following year at Gettysburg.  The Battle of Antietam, fought on the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, was -- and remains to this day -- the single bloodiest day in the history of the American military.  Over 23,000 men were killed, wounded or missing.  As I walked that hallowed ground, reflecting on the sacrifices made there, I came across an exhibit on famed Civil War photographer Matthew Brady's exposition in New York City called "The Dead of Antietam."  The photographs of the unburied dead caused a sensation and changed public perception of war forever.  Likewise, our success in breaking through the cover-up by Obama's media allies – by showing the pictures of aborted babies – will change public perception of the war on prenatal children forever. 


Just as General Eisenhower forced the German people to tour the Nazi death camps to prevent future denials, we will use TV to cause the American people to confront the horrific realities of prenatal child-slaying that so many still want to pretend do not exist.  This election presents an unprecedented opportunity for public education.  Will we seize the moment?


Some will object to these images as too graphic and upsetting.  But they fail to realize that no social movement has ever succeeded without showing images of the victims: the abolition of slavery, the abolition of child labor, the union movement, women’s suffrage, and the abolition of Jim Crow laws all testify that the use of images of the victims of injustice is CENTRAL to victory. 


We have often been shown images of bodies from various genocides and other atrocities: people hacked to death in Rwanda, piles of bodies being moved by bulldozers in the Nazi death camps, bodies stacked in ovens, stacks of skulls in Cambodia, black men hanging from trees at lynchings, etc.  So what is it about showing the bodies of aborted babies, that our opponents are so fond of characterizing as mere clumps of cells, that is so upsetting?


It is that we are rubbing their noses in the evil that they are doing or enabling in the here and now.  They will scream bloody murder -- and quite appropriately, since that’s exactly what they are guilty of.  They will attempt to intimidate us out of using these weapons and tactics, stomping their feet in unison while screaming “Four Legs Good!  Two Legs Bad!” just like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm.  They will claim we are traumatizing children when the knowledge that adults will fight to protect them is actually comforting to children.  These bullies will try to dictate the weapons, tactics and turf for this fight.  Letting our enemies decide the terms of any fight is a strategy for defeat and we are not interested in being defeated.  These hypocrites can take their pious objections back to the Hell they came from.  We fully intend to make these servants of Satan squirm in the light of day like so many cockroaches scurrying for cover.


Why do we even need to show these images?  Why haven’t scientific facts, reason and logic prevailed?  It is because of the unbroken chain of lies, denials and violence for over 40 years on the part of the very people who will object the loudest.  They have done violence to the fabric of our culture in every possible respect.  They have done violence to the truth in re-writing the history of the laws on abortion and of church attitudes, in fabricating statistics and confusing the biology of the matter.  They have done violence to language, violence to values, and violence to the principles of human rights.  They have done violence to the law in fabricating a right to abortion which exists nowhere in the Constitution or anywhere else in American law.  They have done violence to medicine, turning it into a cult of death.  And they do violence on a continuing basis, thousands of times every single day in this country alone, to the most vulnerable members of the human community, spitting in the face of God while they dismember alive the least of His brethren.  They have been violent to the core from the very beginning.


Anyone – and I mean ANYONE – who provides political, social, theological or other cover for the medical whores who have prostituted their skills to destroy prenatal human lives is nothing but a pimp.  And if anyone thinks they can use their precious right to vote, that so many have died to secure, to empower and promote an agenda of prenatal child-slaying, without being held accountable, well…they’d better think again.   If there’s ever anything even remotely resembling a Judgment Day, I wouldn’t recommend entering it having done such evil in this life.  What kind of response does anyone expect from their final Judge when they tell Him that they put the economy ahead of innocent human life?  What do they think matters more to God, innocent human life, or 30 pieces of silver?


As a lifelong bachelor I am unlikely to ever have biological children of my own.  But I consider the many children and adults alive today, due to my efforts and those of people like me over a period of many years, to be my children in a very real sense.  Those who would have been killed but for these campaigns will also be my children.  And they can be yours as well.  Even if we fail in our primary objective of causing Obama's defeat, we will have shattered the media cover-up, raised awareness about child-killing to new heights, and no doubt saved many lives.  We will also save many souls by touching hearts and minds and bringing people to repentance who have been involved in this wretchedness in some way.  In the long run we may even help save our nation from its moral decline and the possible judgment of God.  Given all these powerfully positive effects, in this life and the hereafter, what better investment could anyone possibly make?


Will you join me in bringing about a rebirth of human dignity, a rebirth of the sanctity of human life, and a rebirth of moral sanity in this country we love?  Our success is limited only by the willingness of those reading this to make the necessary sacrifices.


One of those sacrifices that you can make right now, is to donate to these 7 campaigns.  Babies will be saved, the public brought face to face with this horror, and God willing, we can be an instrument in the hand of God to help remove this baby-killing tyrant from office.


May God bless you,


Al Lemmo

P.S. Please visit our websites:, and  Our ads can be viewed at these sites.  Please also view Randall Terry's messages (images shown just below) near the bottom of his main page at

The graphics on the website and Randall Terry's website, did not copy to this blog.  Please go directly to the websites.

Do You Want to Bring Down Obama?
These Seven Federal Candidates Are in a Position to
Make That a Reality.

Check out what we are doing at:
Dear Pro-Life Patriot,
     Seven federal candidates are poised to take down the Obama Presidency, by causing Obama to lose seven critical swing states:
Florida, Virginia, Ohio,
Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, and North Carolina.
     If they are successful, Obama will lose the election.
     If that interests you, then read on.
     These federal candidates have a political weapon at their disposal; they are protected by law to do something that NO SUPERPAC can do, no individual can do, and no tax exempt group or lobbying group can do:
Protected By Law:
Run TV Ads Uncensored.
     These candidates can run TV ads uncensored, unedited, and TV stations are required by law to run them. They can run TV ads that PUMMEL Obama…TV ads that show babies and Christians murdered under Obama’s policies; TV ads that plainly say: NO CHRISTIAN can vote for Obama with a clean conscience.
     These candidates are strategically placed to run ads in 21 states, including 7 key swing states! They are:
     Angela Michael for Congress, IL-15 (running ads in IN); David Lewis for Congress, KY-4 (running ads in IN and OH); Andrew Beacham for Congress, KY-2 (running ads in IN); Randall Terry for Congress, FL-20 (Running ads in Miami and West Palm), George Krail for Congress, IA-1 (running ads in IA); Alan Aversa for Congress, IA-2 (running ads in IA); and Randall Terry and Missy Smith for President and Vice President in WV, KY, and NE (running ads in 20 states, including VA, NC, OH, IN, IA, and CO).
I ran the TV ad below in Oklahoma,
I BEAT Obama in 14 counties
in the March 6 Democrat primary!
Graphics did not copy to this blog.
     Remember: Federal Law requires all FCC licensed TV stations to carry the TV ads of federal candidates – U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. President – unedited and uncensored.
     We have already shown our TV ads in 15 states; ads that show babies murdered by abortion, and Christians and Jews murdered by Muslims. The law is the law, and the law protects this strategy. It is what free elections are all about. I actually beat Obama in the Oklahoma Democrat primary in 14 counties using these TV ads!
We WILL NOT Hurt Romney
     Now – before I go any further – it is CRITICAL that you understand: these candidates WILL NOT hurt Romney.
     I say it again: these candidates WILL NOT hurt Romney.
     If you, or anyone you know says, “These pro-life candidates could split the vote and hurt Romney!” then they have not taken the time to understand what we are doing, and do not understand TV broadcast law.  
     On the other hand, when people truly understand our strategy, they say: “This is genius! You are the political weapons that could sink Obama’s ship!”
     “How is that possible?” you might ask.
     With the six congressional campaigns, obviously those candidates cannot “split the vote,” because they are not running for President. But, as congressional candidates, they can legally say, “You cannot vote for Obama…” and show the victims of his policies, and the TV stations are required by law to run the ads.
     With the Presidential campaign in WV, KY, and NE, well…the math is clear. Romney will slaughter Obama in those states. Missy Smith and I would be lucky to get 2% or 3% of the vote, while Romney will carry these states by 14% or 15%.
     But…because we are on the ballot in WV, KY, and NE, we can run ads that reach those three states, as well as the neighboring 17 states – and SEVEN SWING STATES!
     We can run ads in Northern Virginia, Denver Colorado, Cincinnati OH, and other key areas that are in swing states…where WE ARE NOT on the ballot! It is that simple. Someone cannot vote for me for President in Virginia, because I am not on the ballot…but they will see my ads!
     Friend, our mission is simple:  Cause Obama to lose the White House.
     How exactly will we do that?
     By showing the murdered remains of the victims of Obama’s policies.

     In other words, we actually show footage of babies killed by abortion, and Christians and Jews murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood, and boldly declare: “If you vote for Obama, you enable him to murder babies, attack the Church, and fund Islamic terrorists.” These words and images cut to the heart of any Christian with a functioning conscience.
     By showing the truth, we can cause 3%-4% of voters – especially the Catholics and Evangelicals who voted for Obama in 2008 – to NOT vote for him in 2012. In other words, voter revulsion. They are already disillusioned; we want them repulsed!
We can cause Obama to lose these key swing states,
And thereby cause him to lose the White House,
By running our TV ads.
     With our team of candidates and ballot access, we will reach millions of voters in the swing states of FL, VA, OH, IN, IA, NC, and CO. We will also reach voters in the “potential battleground states” of PA, MO, and WI.
     The FCC DMA map to the right illustrates my point. Because I am on the ballot in West Virginia, Washington DC stations are required by law to carry my TV ads. 
Graphics did not copy to this blog.  (DMA is Direct Marketing Area)
     As you can see, in addition to reaching seven counties in West Virginia, I reach millions of people in DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the crucial swing state of Virginia.
     And I cannot hurt Romney in VA, DC, MD, and PA, because I am not on the ballot!
     Friend, all we need are the resources to run our ads. We need YOUR HELP! (Click here to give)
     If you want to be a voice for unborn babies, and bring down the Obama Presidency, these campaigns are arguably the best weapon in the political arsenal. I mean…let’s be honest…Romney is not going to run ads like this! And these are the ads that jar the conscience of voters! After all, what matters more to God? Human life, or 30 pieces of silver?
     I confess, I am not a big Romney fan. I have been planning this for two years. It just so happens that Romney is the GOP nominee. So, by bringing down Obama, we will obviously help Romney. It is what it is.
     Our goal is to cause Obama’s defeat because his hands are covered with blood.
     Will you help us? Will you give generously? (Click here to give)
     The man in this photo has “maxed out” with his contributions. He has given $17,500 to our seven campaigns. (He is with David Lewis, Andrew Beacham, and me…three of the candidates on this team!) He has done all he can legally do.


From left to right: Andrew Beacham, David Lewis,
Al Lemmo, Randall Terry

“I just gave $17,500 to these seven federal campaigns.  I am retired - and by no means wealthy - but I did all I could do, for the sake of unborn babies, and to help defeat Obama. I ask you to give what you can to help these brave men and women. Even if we fail and Obama wins, we will have broken through the media cover-up, raised awareness concerning child killing, and no doubt saved many lives, many souls (through leading people to repentance) and possibly in the long run...even helped save our nation.  What better investment could anyone make?” -Al Lemmo, Retired Engineer

     Will you join him? Will you give all you can give? (Click here to give)
Will be used to run our TV ads!
     Every penny we receive from your contribution will be divided equally among the seven campaigns, and used exclusively for our  TV ads!
     Volunteers run our entire effort. None of us is paid…we do not spend money on yard signs, or bumper stickers, or staff…which means that EVERY PENNY WE RECEIVE will go toward our TV ads.
     I have bared my soul to you, and made my case. It is now up to you to decide what you will do. I ask you for two things: 1) give sacrificially right now; and 2) tell your friends and family about what we are doing, and ask them to give as well.

     Click here to give
     With your help…with prayer…and with unflinching and fearless clarity…we can bring down this Presidency, and vindicate the lives of those who have been snuffed out under Obama’s policies.
     Obama is an evil-doer, and he must be brought down.
     I beg your prayers, and your help.
     God bless you and yours,
     Randall Terry
     P.S. Remember, your money goes to run unedited, uncensored TV ads in critical swing states; ads that show the murdered victims of Obama’s policies; ads that will cause a crisis of conscience for Christian voters; ads that will cause Obama to lose the White House! Please God, may it be so!
     Watch these two hard-hitting ads, and you will know what you are investing in. And remember, your gift will be divided among these seven campaigns, to run ads that reach 7 swing states. Operation: Throw Obama Out! (Click here to give)

Ads can be viewed at the actual websites:, and  Graphics did not copy to this blog.

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Don't vote for "Revenge" but vote for "Love of your Country"!!!!!

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When The President decided that same sex and same sex marriage was more important than God and our values of life and principals, he sealed his fate as a one term President.

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