Democrats Are a clear detriment and threat to American Society

This notion that the Democratic party is for the working man has long been dead and untrue. The Democratic Party has more congressman and Senators that are Millionaires then the Republican Party ever thought of having. In fact the Democratic Party, the party of progressives predominently is funded greatly by George Souros....who he? Is he Poor? No he is not. 98% of what is wrong with this country today is the result of failed policies and laws and social programs that aided no one except those who instrumented (Democrats) them along with self serving themselves to the wealth that we have provided through their constant tax increases and tax oppression policies, not to mention laws such as Ted Kennedy's HMO Act of 1979 that ultimately has crippled the healthcare system today. John Murtha's Pensylvania small town airport that cost the taxpayers billions to construct only to be used for his private jet and one other plane twice a year. These are the kind of things on a very ery large scale that they do, sure the Republicans some times also pull off these stunts that are costly, but the intents between the two are more than marginally different. Corruption runs rampant through the Democratic Party and always has, it is what killed John Kennedy, they are self serving crooks.

It was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and other democratic actuaries that caused the banking failiures and Mortgage Meltdown in this country, and it was deliberately done through the policies and laws set forth by Bill Clinton and his administration. In the past year look at Pelosi and Ried, Steny Hoyer, Tom Harkin,It must be understood that this parties power in this country must be eliminated. They have gotten away with their policies and crookery far to long......It needs to change and change now att all levels of government. Start with the next election cycle........VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET ACROSS THE BOARD if you know what is good for you.

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