Debbie Dingell and the Democrats (needing to deflect from their weak on Terrorism stances) exploit Orlando for usual Gun Control

Countless gunned down and dying daily in Democrat run Chicago (that has some of the strictest Gun control Laws on the Planet) = Democrats silent.
Democrats need to deflect from being weak on Terror and Terrorists following an Islamist Terrorist (by a registered Democrat who has Social Media posts of himself wearing Hillary For POTUS shirt) attack on US soil = time to DEFLECT and attempts to EXPLOIT #NoBillNoBreak #GunControl stunt.
Debbie Dingell tries to straddle both sides of the ‪#‎NoBillNoBreak‬ (Democrats stage House Floor sit-in) issue. Pretends (for re-election posturing, using usual #GunGrabber code language) to not be 100% in the pocket of the Brady Gun Grabbers Group/Lobby and 180 degrees from John Dingell's (who retired, and Debbie took seat to keep 7 decades of #DingellMonarchy going) high NRA rating/ranking*
*source: The Atlantic July 30, 2105 "The Issue That Divides The Dingells [‪#‎2A‬]"
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