Despite Public Outcry Plymouth Township Surges Ahead With Amphitheater

Despite opposing Public comments at Township Board Meetings, Petitions, lawn signs, television coverage, social media and screaming residents screaming out objection the Township continues it's arrogance by moving forward with the 400 seat amphitheater project in the Township Park. This is only one of the unwanted and wasteful projects the Township officials have shoved on the taxpayers in the last year. This money should be spent on new new equipment for our fire department. The fire chief was forced to go around the board and acquired a safer grant for the fire dept from the Federal Government ,When this grant runs out in two years and we no longer have the federal money the Township will raise our taxes.
This is just a tip of the icebound of what has been going on on our Township. Right after the last election they gave their political appointees huge raises along with themselves after declaring we did not have money to support the fire dept.
Actions of the board are shielded from the public because the Township Clerk has decided to eliminate all public comments from the Township Minutes because of all the public objects to Board action. Opposing board members comments are also omitted.
Please attending the board meetings you will be appalled to see what goes on. The next meeting is July 22 at 7 pm at the Township Hall on Haggerty. Please come early we plan a meeting in the parking lot.

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