The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is asking taxpayers to approve a millage increase to support the operating costs.  We have three (3) problems with asking the taxpayers to foot the bill in this instance.

1. The Director of the DIA gets paid $443,000.00 per year as a salary plus perks.

2.  The DIA does have $100,000,000.00 dollars in "unrestricted funds/money" in the bank.

3.  If the tax is approved for a 10 year period, they will lobby for tax extensions.

It is our opinion that the DIA should charge the typical admission fees to visit the DIA and NOT place a tax on every citizen in the only three voting counties that approve this tax increase.

If approved, will the Director get another pay raise on top of the $443,000.00 he is already getting?

We also believe that the rest of the counties in Michigan should vote for this tax levy and NOT left out of this voting process where only three (3) counties get to vote.

It is our opinion that along with the above statements that taxing citizens for entertainment is nothing short of socialism.



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