After the 4/15 tax protest heckler published his accusations of tea party hypocrisy and I my rebuttal, I thought I had heard the last of him. Imagine my surprise when I received his email pronouncing, “We should meet.”

I was intrigued and always enjoy a lively exchange. So we met.

He scornfully proceeded to grill me about my educational background and reading habits. I felt as poor Sarah Palin must have felt as Charlie Gibson looked down his nose and over his glasses at her and disdainfully asked her much the same kind of questions.

I quickly tired of The Grand Inquisition and we moved on to other topics. He was very self-satisfied with his command of “Facts.”

Fact 1: Cash for Clunkers was a wonderful use of taxpayer money even though each car wound up costing tax payers $27,000 and was a dubious benefit to the participants after they paid full sticker prices and got taxed on the rebates they received.

Fact 2: Glenn Beck is insane, which is understandable because Fact 3: all alcoholics have had their brains destroyed by alcohol abuse.

Fact 4: There is no difference between a recovering alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink for 10 years and an active drunk.

Fact 5: Showing up at a few tea party rallies to heckle is equivalent to being a tea party member.

Fact 6: We can spend and borrow our way out of our unsustainable financial predicament caused by our overspending and overborrowing.

Fact 7: We get such great services from the government at such reasonable prices. He was very impressed by the “low” price we pay for water and didn’t think that we might pay in other ways such as through our taxes.

Fact 8: Barack Obama has not lied to us about anything--especially not about taxes. The fact that the Pres has told us that no one making less than $250,000 will have their taxes raised and then he lets the Bush tax cuts expire which raises the taxes of many in that category does not count as a Fact.

Fact 9: There is no difference between being a member of the Knights of Columbus and breaking one of their rules and being a citizen of a country and breaking one of its rules. I was glad to learn, after all these years of thinking differently, that there were no folks with guns who enforce the government rules using whatever level of force necessary to crush resistance and insure compliance. Boy, what a relief it was to learn that Fact. I was really worried about that!

Fact 10: There is no definition of tyranny—maybe no tyranny. When I suggested that those who initiate force to achieve their ends are tyrants, which includes all governments that I know, there was no Fact forthcoming.

At this point, The Fact Dispenser, announced with characteristic presumption, arrogance, and contempt that he had learned what he needed to know and left abruptly.

The good news was that, even though I was being fed all these enlightening Facts, I was nevertheless able to finish my Big Boy’s Slim Jim. So I paid my bill and started home thankful that I could look forward to working with liberty-loving folks to save this wonderful country from tyranny and Facts.


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