Dear Rattle With Us  Writers Group members and other friends.  
Write to Local Newspapers: Read Nolan Finley's Detroit News Opinion piece (linked in letter below) and decide: Should the TEA Party come to its senses? as he suggests or should the GOP come to its senses as the letter suggests; and write letters either way or go to the article and (if you have facebook) login and comment on the blog!...
DISCLAIMER: RWUW Group is meant to inspire folks to write on any and all issues, PRO OR CON! Any "sample" Letter is strictly the opinion of the Author and (again) provided in hopes of inspiring you to also get involved with writing a Letter To Editor (or respond to a blog on a website) yourself and may or may not be necessarily endorsed by RWU leadership.... 
Nolan Finley's: TEA Party must come to its sense (Aug 7 - online at: piece could very easily have been written by a TEA Party member and just replacing most instances of TEA Party with GOP and visa-versa. The very same can be said that the GOP-establishment would rather throw away elections than ADHERE TO ITS PLATFORM. Would rather go-along-to-get-along and take us further from the Platform and more toward Socialism. Amazing how they recognize and have enough, supposed, Faith in Conservative values/principles to have them in the GOP Platform, get folks to vote for them based on those values/principles/PROMISES, only to abandon them, and create even greater defeats (POTUS) by alienating its base and giving them every reason to stay home rather than to work for Victory and even bother to turn out to Vote. The ONLY reason the GOP is winning the seats it is, is because of the way the Districts have been structured - NOT because of anything of value they are doing by ignoring the base/Platform! The GOP is going to start losing more and more races, as more and more of its base drops out/off. The only time the Party has run, the supposed, "extremist" Conservative type: Ronald Reagan won by landslides!
Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit) Wyandotte, MI 48192-4115
RWUW Group - CoChair 
Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)

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