Double Duty Poll Greeters - please help Judge Kenny!

Hey Rattler Election Day Poll Greeters,

Below are "hot" precincts - heavy voter turn out. If you are working any of these for Colbeck, Levi, Pastor, and/or Heise - can you add Judge Kenny's name to your signs or get some of his material to hand out as well?

These precincts are the ones covered by most of the Rattle With Us membership. Let's try to help our judges as well as our candidates.


Riley School (4 Precincts: 10A, 13A, 14A, 24B)

15555 Henry Ruff Road, Livonia, MI

Holmes School (4 Precincts: 7A, 8A, 8B, 18A)

16200 Newburgh Road, Livonia, MI

Webster School (3 Precincts: 3A, 3B, 4A)

32401 Pembroke Avenue, Livonia, MI

Grant School (3 Precincts: 34A, 34B, 34C)

9300 Hubbard Road, Livonia, MI

Emerson School (3 Precincts: 25A, 35A, 36A)

29100 West Chicago Avenue, Livonia, MI


St. John Neuman Church (3 Precincts: 3, 10, 21)

44800 Warren Road, Canton Twp., MI

Summit on the Park (4 Precincts: 26, 27, 36, 40)

4600 Summit Parkway, Canton Twp., MI

Dodson Elementary School (2 Precincts: 33, 37

205 S. Beck Road, Canton Twp., MI

Canton High School (2 Precincts: 24, 25)

8415 N. Canton Center, Canton Twp., MI


St. Kenneth Church (Precinct #1)

14951 North Haggerty Road, Plymouth Twp., MI

Plymouth Twp. Hall (Precinct #3)

9955 North Haggerty Road, Plymouth Twp., MI

NorthRidge Church (Precinct #10)

49555 North Territorial Road, Plymouth Twp., MI

West Middle School (Precinct #6)

44401 West Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth Twp., MI

Risen Christ Church (Precinct #11)

46250 West Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth Twp., MI

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