OK. We lost Round One but the fight is far from over. Already Jim DeMint is launching a bill to repeal Obamacare and Idaho is suing the Feds over constitutional issues. 37 more states are preparing suits of their own. In Michigan, the Thomas More Law Center has filed suit on behalf of individual residents.

Our magnificent efforts have not been in vain. We have tied up Obama and company for a very long time. The longer they take on health care, the less damage they can do other places. If the GOP learned that lesson and stopped any further legislation from being passed until after the 2010 elections, we would be way ahead of the game.

We have gained much as we have struggled. We have taken the filibuster-proof Senate away from our foes. We have increased our communication networks and have dramatically swelled our ranks and have made great friends and allies along the way. We have learned as we have grown and will be more effective in Round Two.

We need to concentrate now on being and supporting good candidates in the primaries, rallying, protesting, and lobbying Congress at both the state and federal levels. In many ways, the local contests are the most important. Don’t forget to work for good candidates there. Please feel free to post about candidates as you hear them and learn about them.

We need to crank up to oppose amnesty for illegals which will be the next big push.

We also need to become precinct delegates within the GOP so that we can bring our tea party principles to it so that the GOP can be a party of principle—a party that we can trust to do what’s best for the country and not what gets career politicians re-elected.

So, get up off the canvas, shake the cobwebs out of your head, clean the dirt off your gloves, and get ready for Round Two. We’re in this for the long haul and it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. With God, Country, and great people like you in our corner, I’m sure that ultimate victory will be ours!

With great appreciation, admiration, and inspiration,


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