Draft Patrick Colbeck for #Michigan #LtGov nominee (Yes, it is the Convention that does that, not the Gov nominee)

from: Draft Patrick Colbeck

Remember Folks, it is the CONVENTION DELEGATES that have the authority/Power to nominate and Elect the LtGov Candidate. Delegates usually just rubber-stamp the "preference" of the Gubernatorial Candidate, but do NOT have to.

If you'll recall, or if you do not know look up, the efforts to unseat RINO Rick's LG Calley (to balance the ticket with a REAL CONSERVATIVE) with Wes Nakagiri just a few short years ago (Google: Nakagiri LG challenge). That is how the LG is supposed to be determined, by the Convention Delegates nominating and Voting!

We can and must insist the Patrick Colbeck be the LG nominee (so we have at least one real/proven Conservative on the ticket, one that has a real/actual Conservative Voting Record and didn't have to hide from their Voting Record like Calley and Schuette have to).

Feel free, like me, to use the logo below, or make your own TShirts (or Polos), at CafePress (you may have to include some text on the shirt to avoid it from claiming you are attempting to subvert copyrights), to wear to the Convention!!

Pat is still a PARTY Politician and knows Schuette wouldn't nominate him so will play the PARTY UNITY line. DRAFT PATRICK COLBECK!

(otherwise someone needs to nominate Wes Nakagiri again, to make a/the point. and then also don't be surprised if the Establishment also then tries to nominate Jim Hines for LG to split Votes from Pat and Establishment then gets their pick.)

Governorship was not in the Cards (THIS TIME) for Pat, but perhaps the actual CALLING was/is for LG this time around and Governor in 2022 or 2026!!  If Schuette "team" (establishment) wants UNITY, then give us a FAIR SHAKE and Vote on LG at Convention. If we lose that Vote fair-and-square, then they can/will have their UNITY! Deny such, may beget same such denial.

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Write Letters to the Editor on this topic!! (for more on that see: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/page/writing-committee)

Please be sure to review all the COMMENTS below too!!

[NOTE/UPDATE: elevated from the Comments:

more from FB... Response to my advocacy....

Like I said elsewhere, there are about a MILLION different threads on this topic... Pat is still a loyal PARTY Politician!!! He will NOT openly advocate for LG even if interested, he will toe the PARTY UNITY LINE! It is up to us to demonstrate we want/need him to be the LG. He clearly was not CALLED for Gov this time but maybe it was/is all about LG to set him up for 2022 or 2026!!!!! He, IMNSHO, again while he won't Publicly advocate for it or say so, would SERVE if we his very loyal supporters advocate for him... Just as I began advocating for Pat for higher office (Dec 2016) long before he announced via my Page: http://facebook.com/DraftPatrickColbeck (you can scroll back to the beginning of the/that Page and see all that)]

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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 8, 2018 at 2:55pm

Remember, this Race in 2018 may have turned out very differently had more of the Delegates at the Last Convention where we had a Governor Race fought to replace Calley with Wes Nakagiri who was nominated! Calley would no longer have been LG, and therefore probably wouldn't have even run for Gov this time, and the Race would have been far more of a Schuette vs Colbeck head-to-head Race which would have changed the dynamic and given us a far greater chance of defeating the Establhisment RINOs/CINOs.

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